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This has to be the most cult-like comment on this board...and you probably do not even realize how.
It makes sense but it is misguided. He doesn't understand what it means to make hardware.
If it were up to you you'd murder about 90% of the world's population.Thankfully very little is up to you.
There were two posts in this thread alone of mine that were deleted.That is no fantasy...there were other posts in other threads that were also deleted.It happens...maybe not to you because you deify a corporation...but it happens.
everyone I know who is attempting to get to any borough from another borough enters the borough...if I entered that address while in Manhattan I'm attempting to get the some place in Manhattan...Truthbetold it was deceptive only that it's an unlikely search...but all this BS about making up an address and underhanded and other BS FUD everyone loves to spread is ridiculous.And based on a few posters here it seems Apple have already fixed this "nonexistent" problem.
so if I'm understanding you all correctly...everyone else is wrong...Apple is right? I guess it's possible...though unlikely.
also, since Apple maps can find the place if you use the zip code how is it a fake address?
If every other map app shows the location where such an address would be and the NYC building authority or whatever lists it as a potential address...and it is displayed in an ad...how exactly is that underhanded and deceptive?
Such a big issue that I'm only hearing about on Apple Insider? ...and then everyone is crying about iHaters iHating on Apple on the iDevices the iHaters purchased...iGuess for the sole purpose of iHating on Apple? Anywho, as others who weren't so super quick to get defensive as if someone just smacked their mothers, seems like a giant non-issue to me.
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