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it's like giving a child the keys to a car.
in that case I agree...Samsung sucks.
edited to avoid insulting a child.
just a question...do you think a lot of us Android fans (not users, fans) LONG for an iPhone yet somehow are incapable of getting one of the most easily accessible devices ever?
this isn't allowed in these here parts...
or they prefer it...sorry to burst your bubble but people can and DO like things you do not.
I don't think the future you long for is the future that'll come to pass.hahHe's been the most reasonable and fact backed non Apple drooling at the mouth fanatic on this site, you just don't like him because he can disagree with you and back it up. You rely on exaggerations and downright lies or purposeful ignorance to convey whatever points you think you make...you'd be a good politician, he'd be a great debater.enjoy your yesmanisms.Without Android competing with Apple I...
And they are pounced on by the cultists as being iHaters or whatever clever term.
false? not really...misleading? yes.Also..please learn to read...I do not defend Samsung...look beyond your fanboism.
anyways to cut into this rather graphic circle jerk and digital fellatio session, The GS3 is one of the ugliest phones IMO and Touchwhiz is HIDEOUS...that clock font is atrocious and they made their phones look like the retarded aborted child of iOS's parents...God I hate Samsung in that regard. iPhone 5 is the logical choice IMO. I don't want Samsung to be synonymous with Android.
New Posts  All Forums: