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earliest review I can find based on a reverse image search is in April of 2007note: the side view of this unit is vastly different to either the HP Spectre or the iMac but then again the Spectre and the iMac have differing side views as well.
so my examples of how this is NOT HP copying are to be ignored?
You didn't understand me....and no being Yes-men doesn't mean you simply agree...it means you're incapable of disagreement.
In other words your logic was faulty.But I see faulty logic seems to be your thing.
ITT: Apple fans attack Apple fans for not being as big of Yes-men as other Apple fans.
Is capitalism successful if it DOES rely on slavery or something close to it?To those on top life is always great when you purposefully ignore the bigger picture.And simply because one can point out WHY something is bad doesn't mean that because they can't tell you what's better that the bad thing is now good.
It seems to me that some of these people want a pay per page type of internet service.....
HP computer monitor from 2009 and 2007 truth be told the only case you guys REALLY have is against the accessories...and even those are more like the Vizio's which was an open inspiration from Apple.
Google's evil here...Apple's evil on Android sites...the way of the world.
hasn't the usual rollout been within a week of the next iPhone announcement?
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