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And Apple patented a way to disable your phone at "police request" or whatever,,,,therefore what?
How inspired is too inspired?
now I have to ask....should companies be forced to design those since good looking Apple inspired designs like the Vizio AIOs which do not look like iMacs are still frowned upon?Since the consumer has shown they like good designs should companies like Vizio NOT follow the design leader?
There's no arguing with you people. If you think the Vizio is a copy...then you can't be reasoned with...and now homeboy up there thinks the Dell is a copy... The HP is arguably a copy...but the Dell and the Vizio? come on man. Apple is allowed to inspire...companies are allowed to be inspired by...Vizio made a great design that was openly inspired by Apple....inspiration and mimicry and modification is how humans function naturally....it's how we advance...we do not...
If ugly = not as good looking as the iMac then yes I agree...but it isn't ugly on it's own...but like everything it doesn't exist in a vacuum.PS...every woman is uglier than the most beautiful woman in the world at the moment.
Yea...that looks NOTHING like the Vizio and I'd be shocked if that was even in their design notes when they were getting inspiration from Apple (which they openly admit btw)Inspiration isn't a crime.Who gives a damn if Apple inspires a better general design in tech? Give a damn about copies but not inspiration. WP7 was inspired by Apple...Android 4.1 was inspired by Apple...WebOS was inspired by Apple...The OneX and the Lumia were inspired by Apple.TouchWhiz Copied...
*snicker**gaffaw**chuckle*that's extremely childish.I didn't come through with the cliche tired points...I agree that HP is too inspired and even pointed to a good inspired design that to anyone with any true unbiased sense would not consider a copy.I do agree with you about the pole on the Vizio...but I still think the device overall looks very good.
so the Vizio doesn't look unique, you childish moderator?
also the HP isn't as much of a copycat as you think The accessories definitely are, however.
blah blah blah blah blah..HP.... but Vizio truly showed inspiration without copying... The Vizio AIO looks NOTHING like the iMac but it is obviously inspired by the iMac... Vizio looks unique. Making a good looking computer does not a copycat make.
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