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might have something to do with power draw...but at the same time I have no actual clue wtf I'm talking about in this regard. lol
oh no, mocking a CEO's ridiculous comment is the same as calling an entire group of technology users lower class citizens. Equivalency is not your strong suit. Reminds me of the people who consider "Cracker" on par with the N-word.
Do you know what I said? I said. "Nah. It's hatred." In response to the person who said it was "disdain" to my comment mentioning how much hatred I sense in these parts. IF you want to talk to someone whose entire post history is filled with inflammatory comments I suggest you hit up the "somehow-a-pro-Apple-troll-on-a-pro-Apple-site" troll Apple ][
Can't get over how sexy the Air is...
a 3 one-hundredths of a percent chance of a virus? question...why does it threaten you that there are people who buy things that you don't?
I've been trying to say that in a lot less of an elegant way...thank you for this post. I hope people here read it. Because this explains exactly why I am here.
I've been asked that question in bullet point form in regards to iOS/iPhone, so I figure asking a much simpler question would suffice.
So you're suggesting that a) Google Music is just like iTunes and b) a single store where you can get multiple things belongs to Apple and Apple only and anyone else who makes such a store is shamelessly copying? You lot really have a strange definition of copy.
Soooo all of you are making value judgements on Google Music after having used it right? Just making sure we're dealing with sound arguments and not the furious rantings of a bunch of fanboys. And now Gmail is a bad product? lol. Wow.
Have you spent a decent amount of time with any Android device?
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