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This is in Apple's servers. 
Its just not an update. Its introducing Windows style navigation to iOS users. Its lot more than what your thought.
Tim is going nowhere. Make some sense in your comments.  Beats acquisition is lot more than what you think. A lot more.Tim is genius. First know that.
I wish I can take my photo with Tim and Craig.
So now he is doing the jobs of Scott Forstall and Bertrand Serlet. Not so bad.  Really he is Superman. :)
Craig is the new Star!  Wow!  My respect and liking for him increased after this WWDC. 
Samsung posts free passes in Stackoverflow, whom ever it contacted to promote their tools, languages and Tizen OS.And, at the prominent centers it will throw away pass-pamphlets.  
5 Million per month?   Not many items to assemble then. All come as package in that flexible electronic board. Huh?
Seriously head movements?  How many people are using Samsung's smart scroll and gestures over phone?Soon we will have another category.On the otherside : Glassholes.On this side : Amazholes.
I only finished a little.  I felt like ... it is scripting language and awesome. How do you guys find time? 
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