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I won't be expecting "Switch to Mac" kind of ads thing will come for iPhone/iOS. Because, those were the times when PCs were leading.  But iOS is leading now.     Again, it is like counter-acting the SamDung ad campaign. I don't think now people will welcome it.  Personally, would love to see Apple hunting Samsung in their ads, as a ardent lover of "I am Mac" ads. 
PayPal, we love you! Not anymore. We got new friends!   Pay
THIS IS THE SAME Video I was about to post! :DAnd also Pranav Mistry leads in this innovation, who is directory of Samsung Innovation Think Tank Team.
Slap those who criticize Tim.   Tim is a great leader. And a greatest leader is growing in him.
GM please.
 AdonisSMU did not really answer my question. And, what did you really fix? :) Please explain.
Can someone please tell, for comparison, how many devices Samsung had sold on its first day (S3 or S4 or S5)? Just want to see how is the pulse for Apple products. 
Irrelevant here.  I want a round Apple Watch! :D
 Might be. But is that a good idea?  Same OS - Windows - on tablet and PCs and mobiles etc - which is failing.  But, yeah -  who knows what Apple has in its plan.Personally, I love to SEE (only) OS X running on iPad. But, won't be liking working on it.(Sorry for my bad English)
Its their company. Square is a good innovation and nice improvement. Many innovators make these mistakes. They have their own plans so they rejected 3B dollars. What is wrong?
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