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snax007 has it right... the only app is for the phone, nothing for an iPad. The phone app runs in a tiny window in the middle of the screen... even though you can pixel double it, you only get the a screen real estate of the phone. I read a story about someone whose wife had a TON of "favorites" before ios6... all the work and effort that went into her getting to that stage was instantly wiped out when they did the 6 "update," mostly likely thinking that there favorites...
As 95% of Siri functionality comes from their servers and not the hardware on the mobile device, there really was no reason to NOT have it at intro for the 3. Well, actually, it very much was in keeping with the current gen Apple; their typical move would be to withhold it until the next hardware revision. So I really fell on the floor that someone apparently did decide to have it come in TO the 3 this fall. It was almost like this was a glimmer of what apple USED to...
So the single processor machine went from 3.3GHz 6 core chip to a quad core with no Thunderbolt nor USB 3? Clearly, the Pro line is over... and it's a damn shame.   Whoops, my bad, just double checked, one CAN get the 6 core for an extra 500 bucks... so it looks like they just slapped a New label to try and convince the weak minded they actually updated the line!
Think about Xs history... each version goes through over a dozen iterations. All they are doing is drastically shortening that cycle and getting users to pay up 9 months after Lion's release. They aren't marketing it that way, but it's starting to sound like a subscription kind of model, whereby you pay some money regularly. 9 figure paychecks for the execs!
It would seem that IF they can do that, they would have shown it, clearly it's something a lot of folks actually use.
I have friends all over the world, so I have on many occasions talked them through a tour of where I live... in street view. They do the same for me. Also I live in an urban area... so finding a place I've never been to is FAR easier than some overhead view.   I THINK that google maps will still be available... unless Cupertino decides to lock them out.
Clearly, no street view... over half my using Maps uses street view, so that's a bummer.
I don't follow the CPU specs near as much as I used to, but I keep reading of some Xeon E5 chips that are supposedly much better than the ones in the Pros now (mine is a 6 core "Westmere" chip). The question I have is whether or not the line is refreshed, is there any way one could do a CPU swap with a current machine? Or am I indulging in whimsical fantasy?
Read hundreds of articles/posts about this new Maps app... but none of them ever seem to mention street view. Street very is very, very useful and I wonder of we can continue to use google maps for such?
I started having the issue when I got my iPad 3... bit me again today. I run iTunes, my iPad shows up, I can see the summary page and all the info it correct. I hit Sync and it thermometers for a while then tells me it can't find my iPad! THEN it deletes the Device entry in the left hand sidebar. Went to the iPad to make sure it had network connectivity, it did. THEN it again showed up in iTunes. Prior to 10.6.1, it almost never actually did show up (via my LAN). I read a...
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