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Geez must be a slow news day to keep quoting DigiTimes. What is the accuracy rate of their so-called informed sources ? 5% ?  
and selling it outside of the states this time would help those sales numbers too . . .
Actually, you don't realize how close you are on this one. Most people spinning the iPad mini rumour mill should realize that there needs to be an iRemote to go with that iVision set. An app driven remote that just happens to be an like iPad mini like device with a simplified iOS app front end for accessing channel apps !!  
Maybe they will use that 'anti-finger oil' patent on those glass panels so it will simply slide off to the sides, then some automated water hose system will flush the side gutters so the poop can wash out to the back.
If you just compare the patent numbers, Google got a better deal from strictly a numbers point of view. Google: 12.5B for 25,000 MM patents --> 500,000 per patent Rockstar Consortium: 4.5B for 6,000 Nortel patents --> 750,000 per patent Of course, the question is, which patents will be worth fighting over ? It would interesting to see a breakdown by tech like 2G, 3G, and LTE.
New Posts  All Forums: