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I'll believe when I see it.   Porsche has one of the most outdated infotainment interfaces on the market.  I've been car shopping for the past year and have considered a pre-owned 991 many times.. but the infotainment system is one of the reasons I've continued to look elsewhere.  MB Command, BMW iDrive, Audi MMI.. hell even Chryler's Uconnect system available in $20K Dodge vehicles all seem generations ahead of Porsche PCM.  The ridiculously outdated tech makes it hard...
 You literally solved your own proposed dilemma in your post. If you are "constantly fumbling around swapping power/USB stick/phone/whatever".. why would you buy this tiny computer instead of a "MPBr you're pretty much guaranteed it'll work with anything standard; be that Ethernet, USB, MagSafe, etc, without a multitude of dongles." Anyone who always has the need to plug that much stuff in.. should not be buying this.
 I do agree that Apple really needs to put a Retina screen in the 11/13" Macbook air (and also needs to update their 27" Thunderbolt display to support 4K & USB-C).  But considering this Macbook has a 12" screen, tiny keyboard, weighs only 2lbs, uses a 1.1ghz CoreM processor.. and is only about a thick as a 1st gen iPad.. it was never meant to be much more than an iPad with a non-removable keyboard.  The New Macbook is basically redefining what an "ultra" portable laptop...
I care.  And so do others.  Jailbreak gives me free tethering on my Verizon unlimited 4G data plan.  For that reason alone it is always worth it. But since you asked.  Why do you care.. who cares?
Thanks! Thats the only thing I came here to look for
 Thanks for the explanation!
Pretty sure data roaming was turned off by default on my iOS devices. Also pretty sure than when roaming, you will recieve a SMS message stating exactly what the roaming charges will be per minute for voice and per MB for data.  Not sure how someone can get "surprised" by this.
Samsung really only ever had one gimmick that worked.  Big screens.  It was simply a matter before they ran out screen sizes or people got tired of going larger.   The entire reason why Samsung phones dominated the smartphone market, is that they were first to push screen sizes for smartphones.  They offered screen sizes in every size imaginable.  The big bright colors + $99/Buy1Get1Free promotions attracted customers by the millions.  Now that those customers have...
Wonder if 7.1.2 kills the Pangu jailbreak? Either way, thank god I upgraded my iPhone & iPad Mini to 7.1.1 a few days ago!!
 You are confusing yourself.  Maybe you need to go back and re-read, what I wrote before you reply again. I said Apple will offer the 128GB size on both the 4.7" & 5.5" models simply because many people do not want a ridiculously large screened smartphone, but still have the need for alot of storage.
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