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  Still not a perfect solution.  I looked at straighttalk, and you have to be VERY aware of your data use each month.  Anything over 2GB and they either throttle or STOP your data service.  No I'm not making this up, its all listed clearly in the straighttalk thread over at slickdeals.net.  As with most things in life, you get what you pay for.   http://slickdeals.net/f/3898068-Straight-Talk-to-Allow-Any-GSM-Phone-on-the-45-Unlimited-Plan   Unconfirmed: $42/per month if...
4" sounds like a good middleground to me.   3.5" is too small for me.  Anything close to 5" looks like a tablet and lights up the whole damn house.  4" seems just about right.   Chances are I'll be buying it regardless, but my main concerns are:   1) Bigger screen 2) 4G/LTE 3) Complete redesign
I'm an Apple nut.  Macbook, iPhone, iPad, iPod Nano, Extreme router, Apple TV...   And I'll be the first to admit.  Gmail & Chrome browser are two of the best experiences you can use in their selective catergories.  Ive simply found nothing better than those two for email or web browsing.  That said, the Google Gmail & Google+ app are both big dissapointments considering what they could be.  Doesnt leave me much hope for the Chrome browser.  But just having the...
As soon as I see analyst.. I ignore it.   They get more wrong, than they get right.  That said, I dont think there's a snowballs chance in hell that we wont see a completely redesigned 4G/LTE iPhone5 with a bigger screen in the next 6 months.  As a 4 & 4S owner.. network speed & small screen are truly my only major complaints.  I would think most people owning a 4 or 4S would agree.
Exact same thing here.  I generally use 200-250 of 3G.  But Im $29 monthly unlimited on Verizon and look forward to unlimited 4G/LTE.  If it werent for that I'd drop to a cheaper plan.
  He's also the only person in the world that personally owns a 100 cellphones & 40 tablets.  Any surprise he wanted one.     To each their own & what a man does with his hard owned money is his business.. but I've never understood it.  I guess he wants to be his own tech-blog.
Cant believe this is even a surprise.  I know individual experience is never a true indicator of market demand.. but I've literally NEVER heard someone say that they flatout wanted a Kindle Fire.  What I have heard is something to the tune of, "I've been thinking about getting an iPad.. but its $500 and the Kindle is $200.. whats the difference and can the Kindle do the same thing".  And that conversation has so meaning in that its the mindset of many customers.  Now...
Yeah I gotta call bullshyt. How do you not see the window, nor the actual DOOR HANDLES on the glass door?
Exactly why I only bought 2 BR discs.. after owning over 500 DVDs. Optical media is dying. Everyday there becomes less and less reasons to continue using optical media or storage. Combine the instant gratification of movie purchases/rentals thru iTunes, the convenience of watching that movie with iCloud from anywhere with a decent internet connection and the 95% quality of BR.. and its a no brainer decision for me.
Was planning on picking up a second ATV for the bedroom anyways, so I'll def be getting this!
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