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I'll say no way.  Hell they wont sell 1/10th of what the iPad does.  I dont see this doing any better than the Blackberry Playbook or HP/Palm Touchpad.  Get ready for another $99 firesale on a failed tablet.   This MS branded tablet answers a question that nobody is asking.  MS only hope to survive in the tablet market is to put something based off Windows8 on tablets designed by 3rd party OEM manufacters.  The Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Toshiba, Lenovo, HP and Dell's of the...
Pricing is fukking horrible.  I have an iPhone & iPad.. to have both devices share 1GB of data would be $100 a month.  $100 fukking dollars a month for 1GB of data?!?!?!?!   Who gives a damn about unlimited talk & text.  I can do both of those things for free with just the data connection.
Something told me to hold off on this update.  Mainly because I have no Ethernet Gigabit adapter lol.. but so glad I did.  Stability is one of the big reasons why I bought a Mac!
Yep.  Because no company has every blatently copied the iPod, iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air.  And there is no such thing as an Intel Ultrabook that looks exactly like a Macbook Air.   Its all completely frivolous that Apple would make all this shyt up.  Why didnt they just listen to you.  Clearly you are an expert.
  How sad must your life be to troll on a Apple website?  
I was about to start my post with "What dumbazz would pay the same amount of money for Ultrabook, as they could pay for a Macbook Air".   And while I still dont feel much differently from that point, I have to understand all of us are individuals and have different needs/wants/likes.  And that many people simply dont know any better (i.e. they have never used a Macbook).  As others have said, there are those who use Windows and want to use nothing else.  And while I...
  1) That shyt looks SWEET!!!    Wonder how long before Samsung steals it?   2) I dont think many people over the age of 25 currently use the front camera for taking pics.  But younger users definitely love the front camera.  They use it for videochat and most for taking pics of themselves.. we've all seen the duckface pics on myspace & facebook.  Plenty of times I've seen them just taking pictures of themselves with the front camera in public, including group shots....
The only reason it ever sold well is because you could buy that family member or spouse a "$200 tablet for Christmas, that does most of the stuff a $500 iPad does".  Because thats what it was advertised as.   Chances are that family member or spouse never even wanted the damn thing, never found a use for it.  And more importantly that family member or spouse went out an bought an iPad later.  Which means your $200 cheapass Christmas present now sits in desk drawer....
  When a product line has sold over 300 million devices, that uses your mapping system.. and then decides to drop you.  Its an absolutely HUGE concern.   There's simply no way to spin that.
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