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  Bingo.   Samsung isnt gaining any loyality.  Samsung is gaining early adopters who want the latest & greatest.. and Samsung is able to attract those people by the huge portfolio and a constant stream of "next big thing" announcements.  I know people who bought the Galaxy Nexus, then the S3, then the Note2.. and were considering the S4 or Note3 but they are simply tired of buying a new smartphone every 6 months.     The problem is.. all of the devices pretty much perform...
2 pages of tech-talk.  And not a single link for the hack to stop this from happening.   My Verizon iPhone5 is JB on 6.1.2.. still looking for a fix to stop the throttling.  If its even happening.
  White earbuds = Apple product       The ground work was laid a long time ago with the iPod campaign.  I'm pretty sure even a 5 year old would know these people are using Apple products.
Been waiting on this announcement for a year now. Ever since I bought my Synology NAS last year, I've been sending more data over my wifi network than I ever thought possible. Would love to upgrade from my 2011 MBAir to a 2013 MBPro with the better GPU and 802.11ac wifi. If Apple is announcing 802.11ac support for Macbook's at WWDC 2013.. then not hard to figure out that an 802.11ac Apple Extreme router isnt far behind. Hell I would bet that they bringing 802.11ac...
Purchasing Motorola = $12.5 Billion dollars   Not being able to sue Apple under the Motorola name, while having Samsung overtake your mobile operating system thunder = priceless!
It sucks.  You guys arent missing anything.   Well it doesnt suck-suck.  But the features arent anything ground breaking.  And the built in iOS mail app is much more simple to use.   Its email.  You read a message, then delete/forward/reply/move it.  Theres not much more too it.
Of course they are alike.  Its a phone.  If anything the major differences I've seen:   Android owners:  mostly people who want the cheapest phone possible or nerds who want more features/control iPhone owners:  mostly people who want something that just works or a status symbol   At the end of the day theres only so much you can do with a smartphone.  And the vast majority of us are doing the same shyt on them from day to day.  Calling, texting, facebook,...
Ripoff. The $10 units all over Ebay & Amazon do the exact same thing. Dont pay $50 for this.
New Posts  All Forums: