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I'd rather pay 99cents to see this offer never ever available again.
13" iPad Max
I gotta say I fell for the hype.     I bought the Nexus7 based on the specs, that it ran the very latest version of Android, that Android is "open" and the cheap $229 price.  That said the experience wasn't exactly what I thought it would be.  The biggest concern being the Google Play app store.  While the most popular apps (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc) were available.. many of the 2nd and 3rd tier apps I'd gotten used to on the iPhone & iPad, simply weren't...
Noticed the update this morning. Hope it fixes the problem I had where my iPhone5 was guaranteed to drop its wifi connection to my 2011 Airport Extreme, if I used in a certain spot in my home. That spot was the bathroom of all places. As you can imagine it was pretty annoying. I even extended my network using a older 2010 Airport Extreme placed in the room next to the bathroom and problem still occurred. Not as much, but it still happened occasionally. I'm guessing...
Dont know how "great" it is, because I havent used it.  And its more limited than AppleTV, it only does Youtube/Chrome/Netflix/Certain Play Apps.  But as someone who owns Apple everything (including 4 AppleTVs).. I'm willing to give this a try.  Especially at $35 bucks.  You figure the 3 months of Netflix access make it $11 anyways.     Now I just need to purchase an Android device to stream to it.  Guess I could give the new Nexus7 a try at $230.  Dont worry, I'm...
This is the best way to fight Samsung.  Not by suing them.. but by giving them less business.   Losing the Apple Ax series of processors has to mean billions of revenue gone from Samsung's bottom line.
  Bingo.   Samsung isnt gaining any loyality.  Samsung is gaining early adopters who want the latest & greatest.. and Samsung is able to attract those people by the huge portfolio and a constant stream of "next big thing" announcements.  I know people who bought the Galaxy Nexus, then the S3, then the Note2.. and were considering the S4 or Note3 but they are simply tired of buying a new smartphone every 6 months.     The problem is.. all of the devices pretty much perform...
2 pages of tech-talk.  And not a single link for the hack to stop this from happening.   My Verizon iPhone5 is JB on 6.1.2.. still looking for a fix to stop the throttling.  If its even happening.
  White earbuds = Apple product       The ground work was laid a long time ago with the iPod campaign.  I'm pretty sure even a 5 year old would know these people are using Apple products.
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