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It sucks.  You guys arent missing anything.   Well it doesnt suck-suck.  But the features arent anything ground breaking.  And the built in iOS mail app is much more simple to use.   Its email.  You read a message, then delete/forward/reply/move it.  Theres not much more too it.
Of course they are alike.  Its a phone.  If anything the major differences I've seen:   Android owners:  mostly people who want the cheapest phone possible or nerds who want more features/control iPhone owners:  mostly people who want something that just works or a status symbol   At the end of the day theres only so much you can do with a smartphone.  And the vast majority of us are doing the same shyt on them from day to day.  Calling, texting, facebook,...
Ripoff. The $10 units all over Ebay & Amazon do the exact same thing. Dont pay $50 for this.
Like others.  I will never purchase another HP printer.   Way too many issues.. it has not worked far more often than it has.  Next go around, I'm buying Epson or Canon.
Which is why I will never give up my grandfathered plans.  Im also shocked at how much the typical American is paying for their cellular service.  I was with AT&T from 2004 to 2010.  During that time my bill was pretty much always $39.99 for 450 anytime minutes + $15 for 1000 text messages.  It was until 2009 with AT&T that I even started using a data plan of any sort.. and that was mainly because I switched from a Blackberry 8810 to an iPhone3GS.  I remember distinctly...
I dont think Apple was ever out to "win" anything (aka marketshare).  The price of their products certainly suggest they are more interested in quality vs. quantity.   This is the difference between Apple & Google.  Apple puts out the best phone is possibly can once every year.  Google puts out the the latest version of its FREE phone software it can throughout the year.  While numbers are meaningul, Apple never has targeted absolute marketshare as a goal.. if they would...
  Pretty much.   I love some of google services, mainly because its usually the best "free" option in most cases.  But there's nothing "friendly" about the way the do business.
I call bullshyt.   People arent going to pay more for an AppleTV, just to pay more for an AppleTV.  Its going to have to do something clearly better to be successful.  The main reason Apple products are so popular are due to word of mouth, most of us started using Apple products for the same reason.  We had some friend who has a cool looking Apple product and who either A) shows us some cool stuff it can do or B) tells us about the awesome experience.   Theres...
I dont think this would surprise anyone.  But it definitely steps the Apple-Samsung breakup up another level.  The $1billion lawsuit win already stepped things up another notch.  Loosing more $Billions in annual chip manufactering sales doubles down on that.
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