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  I agree that Cook acted like a CEO should.  He addressed the problem, before it turned into a much bigger and negative situation.  That is PR rule#1.  Acknowledge it, then show your plan to fix it.  That wipes out all of the fear mongering and woulda/coulda/shoulda publicity behind the problem.   Reality is the maps work fine for most people.  Navigation works incredibly well with TomTom street information provided.  There are plenty of 3rd party apps to use if you cant...
Yeah what the hell does this even mean.  Either the address book syncs with Google contacts or it doesnt.   And how in the hell do we get rid of the dupes that are guaranteed to show up anytime you sync with a new contact list.  Its the main reason I dont sync with Google contacts anymore.. dupes keep coming back (even after merging & deletions).
The good ole' Android way.   If you cant beat 'em.. then give them away for free.  Or for 99cents.  Or buy1get1free.       Any questions about how they reach 1 million activations a day?
Smart decision on Apple's move to jump ship early.  Between Android success based on being a stolen product from Apple.. and Google purposely limiting the iOS version of its Map app.  Google was long from the being a friend, and much more closer to being an enemy.  The sooner the switched from Google products, they better off they are.  And what better way to use some of that $100+ Billion in the bank.. than by making themselves more self-sufficient.  Even Facebook is...
  So what you are saying is you havent used the new Maps.   Which is disappointing, considering you spend your entire life buying every smartphone & tablet possible.  Whats wrong, money ran out?
  Holy Shit!  The Verizon iPhone5 is unlocked for both international & domestic!!!   Definitely worth the $$$!!!   http://www.theverge.com/2012/9/21/3369702/verizon-iphone-5-gsm-unlocked   New owners of the Verizon iPhone 5 are being met with an unexpected but welcome surprise today: the device comes fully unlocked out of the box. That will come as great news for customers that travel overseas and it even allows you to insert an AT&T nano-SIM if the desire strikes you....
  Its basically better coverage.  It covers drops, spills and screen breakage.   Those things were technically not covered under Apple care.  Also the deductible for a new phone is now $49 with AC+, instead of $99 that was with AC.
I paid full price for my Verizon 32GB 5 this morning.. and went ahead and got AppleCare+.   Sucked that these companies are absolutely raping in prices.. and for the first time in my life I've paid pretty much $900 for a fukking cellphone!! ($749phone+$99AC+48tax), but I'm already starting to see/reap some of the benefits:   1) Mailing my old Verizon 32GB 4S off to Amazon today, who are giving me $455 in store credit. 2) AppleCare+ is $99.. but you are covered...
Is anyone really surprised Apple maps 1.0 is not equal to Google Maps 6.0?   Give it a few months.. maybe even a year.  With user feedback and resources focused on the Apple maps.. they will eventually catch up.  I have no doubt a company with a $100 Billion in the bank.. can make a great map app.
  Why are you trying to make it more difficult than it is.   If you know of another product thats using A15cores right now, then post a link to it here.  If not.. then what the hell are you trying to prove?
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