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Is anyone really surprised Apple maps 1.0 is not equal to Google Maps 6.0?   Give it a few months.. maybe even a year.  With user feedback and resources focused on the Apple maps.. they will eventually catch up.  I have no doubt a company with a $100 Billion in the bank.. can make a great map app.
  Why are you trying to make it more difficult than it is.   If you know of another product thats using A15cores right now, then post a link to it here.  If not.. then what the hell are you trying to prove?
802.11AC isnt just useful for streaming HD video and large files.  SSD drives, Network Storage and upto 1Gbs internet connections are all available right now.  While very few have access to 1Gbs internet, both Verizon & Comcast offer 300+Mbs packages to those who want to pay for it.  Dont be surprised if those speeds continue to double or cheapen.. as other ISP's play catchup.  Hardware upgrades have considerably increased the horsepower of consumer devices like the...
About f**king time.  If there's ANY area in consumer technology that could use a major overhaul.. its the mobile entertainment systems, touchscreen navs and control panels currently available in vehicles.  I am continually amazed how outdated, intuitive and difficult these systems are to use.  From the experience of using them in my own cars, to investigating whats available from aftermarket big names (Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine, Sony, etc) to even driving rental cars on...
I predict their relationship will only further seperate from here out.  Apple will continue to look for replacement manufacters whenever possible.. and will no longer trust Samsung on its most trusted and secretive parts.  Can you imagine if Samsung was producing the new IPS screen on the upcoming iPhone5, instead of LG.  If they were producing that part.. I'd bet money that a Galaxy S3i would magically pop on on on Sept 11th, with an IPS screen.
I know exactly what 4G is.  I understand all of the 4G standards that are currently available, I understand the extra bandwidth they provide, the lower latency and most importantly the bigger battery drain.  And I'll be the first to admit that until this year I had no need for 4G, and simply didnt crave it.  For 90% of the shyt I do on my phone, Verizon's 3G network with average 1Mb download speeds work perfectly fine.  They allow me to check email, surf the net,...
Agreed..   I'll trade thinner phone, for a same size phone with 50% more battery life.  What good is 4G/LTE and .11ac high speed, if your phone is dead? 
I read somewhere that Tim Cook has the supply chain so tight & efficient that the average iPhone/iPad sits in the supply chain for 5 days.  Meaning yeah.. August shipment = September phones on store shelves.
Not only that.  But he simply said they were going to start shipping panels for the next Apple phone in August.    He didnt say:   What the panels looked like (size, dimensions, resolution) What technology the panels were using When the next iPhone will release Any extra details about the next iPhone   I dont think anybody will be shocked or surprised to hear that Apple is releasing a "new" phone sometime this fall.  If anything all he did was give his company a positive...
  Not sure what world you were living in last year this time, but there was leaked everything.  All the way down to the icons that supposedly changed in iTunes showing the wider phone and case makers actually selling the wider case designs.   As I said before.. the entire tech world was 110% sure the iPhone5 was going to look exactly like what I showed, before the iPhone4S was introduced.
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