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"There is constant low flying aircraft traffic over the site. We strongly encourage inexperienced aerial drone pilots not to attempt to fly in or around the site." The footage in this article certainly falls under the "inexperienced" category description when it comes to piloting as well as cinematography.
Aiming for the highest common denominator out of the box would be the death of the gaming industry. It's best to start from the lowest powered systems and work your way up. Not everyone has a machine that can handle 4k gaming. As a matter of fact, it can be quite expensive.
What 3D software do you use? Just curious.
They did already. It was called the Bandai Pippin. It failed miserably. Of course there was no app store back then.
Having used Metaio Creator to author roughly 5-6 AR projects I can say it is one of the better apps for AR content. That being said, it is also very unintuitive/buggy and having to use an AR app to play the content makes it very awkward. Awkward in a way similar to scanning QR codes requires a specific app. Until these technologies are built into iOS or the default apps, it won't really gain any serious traction.
Comcast is progressively blocking more and more channels from the lineup I can get on AppleTV. So they know something is coming. Comcast can suck it. I hope Apple gets direct deals and I can subscribe without Comcast. Comcast needs to go the way of the Bells where they become a carrier and that is all.
Apple TV needs to be the hub for homekit IMO. It would be nice if it were the link to any cameras, sensors switches, bulbs, etc. Maybe it already is in beta for the AppleTV and I've just been living under a rock. :-)
In other news%u2026 Comcast gets wind of increasing interest in Apple TV and deprecates everything that was available for streaming just one month ago.
I believe in freedom from religion. I also believe in religious freedom. Imposing your viewpoints on anything that offers any less freedom due to religious "social values" qualifies as discrimination... period. Laws should not be set based on religion or opposition to religion. Feel free to have your beliefs however they may fall. Forcing "values" pro or against through legislation is not a good answer for anyone in the long run. For example... Murder is Murder, Your Gay...
Thank you for pointing out "Driver" in the photo. That was very helpful. (sarcasm)
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