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If Apple hired employees site unseen, based on their resume/qualifications would the numbers turn out the same? It is illegal to ask someone's age or race or gender among other things during a typical hiring process. - Just a thought.
IBM is part of the "Big Data" surge. IBM like Dow Chemicals or BASF. You don't know you are using their products daily, but you are. IBM will blend into the background providing services where Apple has weaknesses. You won't know you are using IBM technology unless they tell you.
Next up in the news%u2026 Apple Insider has been acquired by E News Network and will now report on everything as if all the staff is part of the paparazzi.
Of all companies to hit up for an affirmative action style issue I would pick Apple as the last candidate. In all actuality I would mark this to be true of most Silicon Valley companies (meaning most Silicon Valley companies tend to be ethnically diverse and gender neutral). Heck, California is probably the stereotype of diversity as most other US states make California up to be. What is this crap and why Apple?
At least "turbid" has to do with water: tur·bidˈtərbid/adjective(of a liquid) cloudy, opaque, or thick with suspended matter.
"turgid" or "turbid" blue water?
As a blow to the fad that these garbage products are%u2026 I hope Apple removes the "Beats" name from the whole product lineup. That would be highly unlikely though. Beats = Marketing hype and nothing more. Preying on the ignorance of children in ways similar to the tobacco industry back in the 60s, 70's and 80's
phabulous phake phablet! I used a friend's phablet for a phone conversation once. I felt like I was using Maxwell Smart's Shoe Phone%u2026 ridiculous.
I remember those days as well. If I remember correctly, the calibration puck (or mouse) was around $2500 alone. We had a $150,000 drum scanner in one location I worked at. The largest drum required 2 people to mount it. I can't even remember who made the thing.
This is awesome news. I've been looking to add a few words to my vocabulary for some time now. ;-)
New Posts  All Forums: