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I'm sure the market will be flooded with these. Lots of folks living in decrepit, 1950's mobile homes with smart devices. (sarcasm)
There seems to be a TON of click bait lately. To the point where I'm thinking CNET may now have its hands in AI.
I'm still shocked by the fact that prospective employers in the US ask your race as a "voluntary identification". You can choose not to disclose the information, but I've always wondered how that would affect the screening process. Just a thought.
Gazelle is the biggest ripoff known to man.
Now we get to see this image every 2 weeks instead of stock photos of asians in silly blue hats at Foxconn.
you said "in the end" hehe. -Beavis
Does anyone else see bands of kids throwing their parent's phones into the walls while playing this game? This really needs a lanyard attached to a case similar to a Wii controller. This is a compelling and innovative offering on this platform. I hope this continues to improve and evolve so control accuracy and latency isn't as big of an issue.
Look... A tray of black bricks! It's the new battery for the new iPhone. On other sites... Look... A tray of black bricks! It's the new interchangeable battery for the Tesla S. I think you get the point. ;-)
My intention was not to cite any occasion or affect, but to state a simple fact. You own the license, not the software. It's plain and simple. I'm not defending Adobe or any software vendor picking this business model. Another simple fact is that if you stop paying under the CC 'subscription', you don't get to continue to use the current software version as long as you wish unlike the current licensing. Adobe could change the current license on CS if they chose to.
You don't "OWN" any of the software you use. You own the license to use it until such time the EULA changes in a fashion that does not allow you to use it further. CC is no different than the current licensing barring the 'subscription' clause. It just allows Adobe to quickly cut you off for any reason they see necessary. CC is not a 'subscription' as the like to call it. It's a software lease. The only problem is that CC requires a 'subscription' to continue using the...
New Posts  All Forums: