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This is a good thing although it's sad that the government is involved in making it happen. If Cable Operators don't step into the future, IPTV will force them to make the transition anyway. Broadcasters will only be strong-armed by the Cable Operators for so long before they take over their own delivery medium cutting out the middle man.
Where I live this would be no better than a standard deadbolt. A size 12 shoe takes out the area surrounding the lock or the door frame easier than any bluetooth hack.
Find a new pic. That pic is way overused. Just the Foxconn logo would be fine.
NO! Not ever. This seems to be the overwhelming answer all over the net. So who or where are these people who 'prefer' this new subscription model? The casual user?
"WSJ" "Analyst" "Pundit" "Insider"... All terms that mean nothing to me other than lies, conjecture and hearsay.
I don't need a bigger phone to add a larger bulge in my pants. I'm fine with the iPhone 4 size.
Buy that kid a new swimsuit.
Is this for the new Pope?
Stop using stock photography of the line workers in those silly ass hats and maybe they will stop jumping.
OOOOH! Another phablet. How phabuluous. I wish my iPad was a phone.
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