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I don't need a bigger phone to add a larger bulge in my pants. I'm fine with the iPhone 4 size.
Buy that kid a new swimsuit.
Is this for the new Pope?
Stop using stock photography of the line workers in those silly ass hats and maybe they will stop jumping.
OOOOH! Another phablet. How phabuluous. I wish my iPad was a phone.
Retina is not a UI, its a display technology. That's like saying a new monitor is part of a UI and incorrect.
Maybe this opens the door for Pr0n. It would drive marketshare upward regardless of whether anyone wants to admit it or not.
It's high time to upgrade your tinfoil hat. In case you didn't know, the aliens from Zorb embedded RFID in your genome many ages ago. This was supposed to be directed at libertyforall, not sure how it picked up on your post.
Read... Mac PRO. It's not about the cost, it's about offering high performance at any cost to the pro market. This isn't about appeasing the iPad or iMac user. I'm surprised Apple still cares about their pro market. They have let it sit for far too long.
A wallet looks like a wallet. The constant sentiment that Apple copies Samsung or vice-versa is ridiculous. That' like saying everyone who uses a magnifying glass is copying someone else. In a sense they are, but it is a recognizable symbol. Get over it already.
New Posts  All Forums: