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Barely legal teen Now let's see if this comment shows up here without filtering.
Bluetooth or WiFi to backup camera for one portion of the screen. The other portion could be GPS. I like it. I wonder if anyone has done a DIY project like the rear view mirror concept.
I have a watch. I don't wear it. I don't want a watch or anything strapped to my wrist. It's bad enough that I have a phone in my pocket 6" from my testicles all day. Testes, testes, 1,2,3... RF and EMF in my pants.
Wait for it!!!! Where's the first troll that's gonna trounce this with anti-Apple and "fanboy" statements?
Since when does a keyboard make any tablet a laptop/notebook? I'm perfectly ok with some mofo juice. (yes, I know that is wrong)
NO NO NO! I don't want a brick up against my head as I talk. This is like technology going backward. Give me a smaller phone instead.
There is a real neato, new fangled OS out there for you. It's called Windows. I know it's only at version 8, but I'm sure it will fulfill all of your computer fantasies you have listed above. Apple developed their human interface guidelines years (decades?) ago. Windows didn't have guidelines for a LOOOONG time and that is why many apps acted completely different back in the day. Holding MacOS to standards finalized by Microsoft is just foolish. BTW. You can trash a file...
Hopefully this won't be the same crapgasm that 10.8 is. I have been holding off for 10.9 hoping that it would not be anything like 10.8. I decided to stay on 10.7.5 Thanks to the introduction of 10.8. I'm not interested in my desktop acting more and more like a tablet.
Title "Macall"... Caw Caw! Macall!
Now release a new Mac Pro. I mean new hardware that is up to date for pro use. The current batch isn't a huge step up from what I already have that runs 10.7.
New Posts  All Forums: