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This app will most likely be used for impropriety and who knows how many other destructive things. I can see benefits to it if it is being used without malice. I doubt there will be much use of the app that doesn't involve something shady.
Might as well have been a $12 fine.
I wish they would replace chess with Bejeweled or Angry Birds, or just supplement Chess with one of those.
But, but, but.... What will all the Fandroids come up with as a replacement to whine about that iOS doesn't support when Flash is officially gone? I guess there's always that "sheeple that follow crapple" statement that is overused.
Oh... Forgot to mention. LiPo technology currently risks going into thermal runaway somewhere over 115* F. This isn't Samsung's fault, blame battery science. I'm guessing 125*F plus which can easily happen on a dashboard of a car could produce these results with just about any LiPo powered device.
'Exploding'? Looks more like a slow fizzling fire to me. When I think explosion, I think BANG! POW! KABOOM!... Not fssssst with some smoke. 'Explode' seems like a harsh word as does 'Burst into flames'. Sensationalism at its best.
One more place for politics and religion... My phone. I'd rather discuss it over a bottle of Jaegermeister and a carton of smokes as I detest both politics and religion.
Really... What is iCoud then? I know it isn't web specific... just saying.
Now the big question: "Mapple" or "iMap" LOL
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