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Title "Macall"... Caw Caw! Macall!
Now release a new Mac Pro. I mean new hardware that is up to date for pro use. The current batch isn't a huge step up from what I already have that runs 10.7.
To some folks out there the definition of pornography includes an image of a woman in a dress that shows her knees. Most medical journals classify as pornography somewhere out there in our big world. Ah the days of the JC Penney catalogue... now that was good pr0n! HA!
I should put my bid in to buy that out. It can't be worth more than $50 at this point. I could use the ownership of it as a part of a pickup line regimen at my local bar. But would anyone actually remember who they were in the first place?
Nowhere in the article does it say that usernames and passwords would be replaced globally across all apps in the phone. Nor does it state so. This could start by simply replacing a passcode to unlock your phone, which would be quite handy. Of course it would be nice to go password-less across the board. That is not mentioned or implied here.
Give me multi-user on my iPad. That would get my attention. I don't go to the movie theater any more because everyone is texting and talking on their phones.
Not again! PPC used to be the king... not really.
The article is unfinished, but I would like to say that it
I'd buy it if it were $429. Defend that!
I'm holding out for the iPad Nano with 1/2" screen!
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