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 Window Decoration is the term used for the "dressing" that surrounds the actual rectangle of the program. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Window_decoration It's neat that it's translucent but the gray is too high contrast to the "dark" elements, for my eyes. :P
The problem was never just the menubar (and the dock never seemed like much of an issue.) The problem is the inconsistent window decorations and the fact that dark mode has no effect on these, instead it just creates a rift in the smoothness of the theme with clash between the menubar and the window decorations. It all has me saying to myself that Apple completely dropped the ball on 'Dark Mode' and quite frankly, it boggles the mind. Totally half-assed and as someone that...
"Dark Mode" is now "dark menubar and dock"? Very disappointied... :\   And the calculator... looks so mish-mashed. Dark/Translucent window decoration, no delineation between window decoration and calculator "screen", blinding contrast between decoration/screen and keypad.   I knew "dark mode" was too good to be true....
 The resources being devoted to theming are quite likely mutually exclusive from the resources necessary for fixing the "long-standing interoperability issues" and/or bugs you're talking about.
You equate the CEO of Amazon to a face of PR? Anyway, thank you for that irrelevant story about Jeff Bezos and your non-answer to my question about why a PR appointment should have any implication on your decisions regarding technology purchases... It seems like your reasoning is purely emotional (likely partisan) and informed by your own opinions. Opinions whose basis you cannot even articulate without citing more (seemingly baseless) opinions. Interesting...
 Why would a PR appointment have any impact on your technology choices?
$8m for the Chinese yet no public statement I'm aware of or charitable contribution to those affected by the Boston bombing or Texas explosion. Nice of Apple to make this contribution to the Chinese during such a tragic natural disaster but ... it smells funny amid all the recent reports of anti-Apple forces in China.
  Yeah, try a 64gb/128gb device sometime. I am with you 100% about the magsafe thing though. I think the lightning connector was a shockingly bad evolution of the iphone dock connector.
You are assuming that real people actually know what they want or need and that the greater good is to simply facilitate those wants and needs. Farmville for President, right? The people have spoken.   O'Reilly told us to stop throwing sheep and I felt inclined to listen.
It's incredible, no respect or understanding and say things like: "this guy sounds really butthurt". Sad. Read a little bit about Alan Kay and then see how stupid you feel for completely missing the point of what he is saying here.
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