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$8m for the Chinese yet no public statement I'm aware of or charitable contribution to those affected by the Boston bombing or Texas explosion. Nice of Apple to make this contribution to the Chinese during such a tragic natural disaster but ... it smells funny amid all the recent reports of anti-Apple forces in China.
  Yeah, try a 64gb/128gb device sometime. I am with you 100% about the magsafe thing though. I think the lightning connector was a shockingly bad evolution of the iphone dock connector.
You are assuming that real people actually know what they want or need and that the greater good is to simply facilitate those wants and needs. Farmville for President, right? The people have spoken.   O'Reilly told us to stop throwing sheep and I felt inclined to listen.
It's incredible, no respect or understanding and say things like: "this guy sounds really butthurt". Sad. Read a little bit about Alan Kay and then see how stupid you feel for completely missing the point of what he is saying here.
So much racist ignorance in this thread....
  Right, Chinese are demanding more warranty, lets pull out of their country, the country responsible for most of the good news in the earning report and has facilitated Apple getting to where they are. What a "great" idea.
  Heh, one analyst makes a prediction using a model that was specifically discounted during Cook's guidance and you would expect the market to react?   Was there a joke here that I'm missing.
No one said it, it's an absurd thing for this guy to have said.   A potential iWatch seems like it could be completely synergistic rather than a substitute of any sort.
  I'm sorry, but this is simply inaccurate.   Look at the tip of a Wacom pen and compare that to the synthetic fingertips you're calling styluses. I've never met an artist that finds these multitouch styluses even adequate let alone "excellent". Those nipple pens are for casual users, they at best provide an experience slightly better than what people expect from *CAPACITIVE* input. A pen digitizer is completely different technology from multitouch and offers much more...
  This is Samsung actually offering something *different* and I applaud them for it. These pen-based devices are what artists have been begging for and Apple has seemed less than interested in stepping up to the plate. The Note 8 does not resemble the iPad mini in anything beyond general shape of the form factor. The unoriginal thing in this thread is the typical fanboy responses like the one quoted. It's a joke reading comments like these.
New Posts  All Forums: