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Wouldn't this be exactly the reason Apple might take interest? The watch, as we've known it, has become obsolete. That does not mean that nothing useful can be done from a wrist based device... Most people I know don't actually *like* "permanently carrying" a cell phone on their body. A watch that could deliver text messages, incoming call/voicemail alerts, reminders, etc. seems like something that could be extremely appealing.   The artist's rendering is lol-worthy though.
Glad to see CEO Tim acknowledging that he is vision-less. Why it took this long, we'll never know.
  ROFL. Chumming for trolls?
1, 2 64gb black iphone5s with tiny silver nick on the top bevelled edge. When I saw the first, I cursed myself for somehow scratching it, after seeing the second I figured it came that way. Now I feel better.
Quote: Originally Posted by MacBook Pro    The chip in the image doesn't appear to be a Bluetooth module because it isn't a Bluetooth module.  Apple will almost certainly use Broadcom's BCM 4330 802.11a/b/gn MAC/Baseband/Radio with Integrated Bluetooth 4.0+HS and FM Transceiver.    The chip in the image is the micro hardware security module for the AuthenTec AES2750 fingerprint sensor.    
edit. (sorry.)
  I thought the same thing. To be expected.
  haha, same here!
Seems feasible you would just need to plug a different cable into the power nugget?
See: Kepler.
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