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  Wait a second, that resolution looks "wrong". Wasn't it being suggested that retina mbp would need to be 2880x1800?
A bad omen of what I've been fearing.
As to why Steve picked Tim, remains to be seen.
Are we supposed to care that Tim occasionally sits down to have lunch with random employees? Slightly less cynical, I do care a great deal about the comments Max Paley made in the Fortune piece on Tim and Apple. Things like this: "I've been told that any meeting of significance is now always populated by project management and global-supply management ... When I was there, engineering decided what we wanted, and it was the job of product management and supply management...
Galaxy Nexus uses a subpar AMOLED display. Samsung (or Google) opted to shaft users and give them a lower pixel-density display with an inferior color matrix while the Galaxy S2 gets to enjoy the much superior "Super AMOLED Plus" display. The nexus display is similar to the AMOLED displays we're seeing flood the mobile market on cheap windows/android phones. In my personal experience, you can't even compare these vanilla AMOLED display to the retina display. I used a nexus...
His point was completely valid. Why would they have to release them? We know what the old generations does and we can speculate on what using Ivy Bridge's HD4000 will do by using existing benchmarks on the web. No matter how much magic you think Apple has, they can't make the HD4000 outperform a dedicated solution. Fact.
lololol, I love how this guy just makes stuff up. Propietary file systems. rofl. When you have no idea what you're talking about, you should be reading, not writing.
Interesting, since none of these features were ever even being speculated about in the rumor mill.
It was a shock that the iPad 2 RAM was 512. I welcome 1GB but it would have been absurd for another iteration at 512. I wish Apple wasn't so stingy on RAM.
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