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Please, don't tell us things you "seem to remember". Why waste our time with your misinformation?
The arrogance in this sort of assessment is just laughable. I use X11 every day. I'm a programmer.Apple continues to cater to consumerism while ignoring the wants of their pro users. This is not the last straw for me but this trend is becoming worrisome for people like me that have enjoyed using OS X as an alternative to a real development systems like .. linux. I am not the only developer that feels this way.
Really??? Because what we as consumer's really need is a market without competing products ... I used a Galaxy Nexus for a couple of weeks. It's a nice device. It's not remotely similar to my iPhone 4S ... Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) is not remotely similar to iOS. Between the OS and the device itself, it couldn't be more different. I don't get where Apple thinks they have any grounds for an injunction. IMHO, Apple will never be granted this injunction and, as...
His question makes perfect sense. This not Apple news in any way whatsoever.Facebook is very popular with teens, pre-teens and degenerates. I'm certain their news sites will cover this adequately.
Wut Apple has updated the MBP several times late in the year... Including the first year they were released, released in January and updated in October/November.
It's called a LOSS LEADER. Very common strategy in business.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loss_leaderThat said, I have a hard time believing there is a $50 loss on each device.
Pathetic. Grow up.
Does anyone else find it funny that Microsoft changes their UI dramatically with every iteration? I mean, they can't settle on ANYTHING, effing start menu looks totally different every time and I hear nothing but complaints about this phenomena from win users.
At which point Apple will own our music, files, browsing history, location data, and various other scary tidbits. NTM, Apple was recently the highest valued company on Earth. Yes, Earth .... Apple is growing into a daunting size and sitting on more cash than the U.S. Government. This is all coming from a 20 year Apple user and shareholder that has benefited greatly from their growth. I love them and appreciate what they have done but they're starting to frighten me a...
New Posts  All Forums: