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But wait a minute, if you can't but into someone's life and tell them what they can and can't do based on an arbitrary set of standards, especially from thousands of miles away and in a completely different culture, how could any of the world's problems ever get solved? /s
That's called 'sarcasm', suggesting that instead of 'motion', RIM is in 'stagnation'. It's in the family of wordplay related to malapropism. Unfortunately, you missed the joke...
One thing I would like to see added to the Reminders app (both in iOS and the upcoming Mountain Lion version) would be the option to share. If I set a reminder that might both apply to my wife and I, be able to send it to her, and she put it in her iPhone/iPad's reminders.
Point taken. The people who bitch about Apple's litigations are probably the least likely to have intellectual property of their own to protect.
I have a sneaking suspicion that many of the people who berate Apple would litigate like crazy if their own inventions were copied without permission. That charity feeling of 'they should all settle this' would drain from their bodies when their hard work, time, and money invested was making profits for their competition.
Unfortunately, this type of action rarely ever happens. It would serve Nokia right after making such a threat, but they probably have the leverage to actually tip the scales in their favor.
If the ITU has allowed the 4G standards to include LTE, WiMax, AND HSPA+, and the new iPad will work on HSPA+ networks in Australia, then by international definition, it's a 4G device. It sounds like Australia has set their laws on a certain technology being the only one they will accept as 4G, and now have a hurt-butt because Apple hasn't bent over backwards to accommodate their laws. If Australia were to deem that all 'automobiles' had to run on diesel, would GM be sued...
No offense to any of the members here, but I've always felt that bringing someone's physical features into an argument against someone lessens their point. It's easy to drag Mr Daisey's weight into this, but his 'story' has given us enough ammunition to not even involve his body in our attacks. I'd love to see Apple sue him for defamation, but I feel that would only drag them down to his level. Hopefully, the court of public opinion has judged him in a way suiting his...
I really like Maher, even though some of his views are WAY left of mine. Ever since he had Daisey on the show in early February, he hasn't missed too many opportunities to take a swipe at Apple. Given all this went down yesterday, I sent several messages to the show with the hopes that one would pop up on the 'overtime' segment regarding this clown and his claims. Needless to say, it wasn't discussed.
Bingo! Based on this, Facetime's wifi only limitation wasn't Apple based, it was carrier imposed.
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