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 I think that is correct. Qualcomm's upcoming 64-bit Snapdragon 810/815 are based on ARM's big.LITTLE A57 + A53 spec, both are due next year. Samsung's Exynos 7 (aka 5433) used in the Galaxy Note 4 is also based on ARM's big.LITTLE A57 + A53 spec and makes some use of the "new" ARMv8-A 64-bit architecture used by the A7 last year. But that chip is only designed to run in AArch32 mode, in part because Android isn't ready to use 64-bit and users wouldn't really benefit...
Katie Cotton is one of the reasons why Apple is still around and able to open itself up.  Assaulting her as a liar because she didn't feed media parasites Jobs' private health information is sort of creepy.
 3rd party apps? Android may have been first but it now has third rate options and only half assed ports of only the most popular titlesNFC? Yeah Google got that out first too, but it flopped big time and exposed security problemsRandomly high resolutions? Yes an Android first. and then Retina Display happened.Fingerprint scanner? A first on the Atrix. Which nobody used because it didn't ever work right. Now Samsung has one that doesn't either. Digital Compass? Android was...
actually, that term applies to a bunch of phony accounts that all pretend to be in agreement with each other to suggest credibility to other readers, much like the way that there are a half dozen anonymous accounts on AI who approve and agree with each other's posts for delivering personal attacks with zero legitimate content. Surprise! they all love Android. I don't think you guys are fooling anyone though. 
That's a lot of talking for having zero point. Do you really not understand the issue?  It isn't some controversial theoretical idea. It's Samsung (and the minority followers in the Android camp) using screens because they have them, and not having an Application Processor capable of driving it. There is no need to benchmark exactly how much difference iOS could make on the same hardware, because the same issue is apparent on the 6 Plus, as linked to in the article. More...
 I don't cower behind an anonymous identity, mr lord raging hypocrite. 
 You write long tirades expressing your hatred and contempt for someone, then turn around and feign outrage when one of your fellow trolls gets corrected down after making a false personal attack.  Clearly, when you apologized for being a terrible person in AI comments you were being phony. Zero respect for that sort of hypocrisy.  
Nexus 6 is essentially the same as a Droid Turbo. Want to bet your nuts on a "hopeful prediction" that it performs any better than the other Motorola phone with the same screen resolution, same processor, same software and developed by the same company? Here let me get you a pair of scissors. 
Google strictly enforced its "18 month" limit as an excuse to stop providing updates for the Galaxy Nexus primarily because it used a TI OMAP chip, which is no longer being developed.   But being excited about a moderate software update going back 2 years (2012-2014) requires that you really be a die hard Android fan. If Apple only supported iOS 8 on iPhone 5 or later, people would find it shocking. 
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