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 If you look at phones in a carrier store, Apple's iPhone 5's look less attractive compared to large screens. A large percentage of the population is driven toward larger, brighter screens. Over the past year or two, "phablets" started quickly attracting older people and many women who carry their phone in a clutch case or inside a purse. Those people were driving all the high end sales of Samsung devices. By offering a moderately larger 6 and a very large 6 Plus, Apple is...
 Landscape and other iPad-like UI features are only on 6+, due to resolution and display size.
 1) Apple Pay can be used within an app, so a storefront could allow customers to pick things up, pay in their app, and go. Just like Apple Retail does. No need for terminals located "throughout the store" or lines. 2) Why would a paper receipt change? First you wouldn't need one, but second, why couldn't a store produce one if they found it important?  3) Options include in app Apple Pay, remote terminals carried by the server as are common in Europe, or a service like...
 Name one "Apple PR talking point" in the article.
 Even if a left custom version isn't built, I wore the watch on both wrists (Apple demonstrators put it on one and then the other) and neither felt really uncomfortable. I'm right handed, but with the watch on my right hand, i could interact with it using my left hand naturally. Of course, I didn't use it extensively because the demos were more show than do, but the watch interface is crown driven, and you can spin it with your finger or thumb on either wrist. 
 Yes exactly. Also, if you look at waterproofing cases for iPhones, the biggest issue is the headphone jack. How do you seal it without preventing use? The watch needs to be very water resistant. Having a big socket to accommodate a 1970s analog audio plug is not a good design decision to make for a new category of product in 2015.
 Impossibly thin renderings are easy to draw, doesn't mean they are actually possible, or would be comfortable.  I'd suggest trying one on before you decide it looks wrong. It was designed by some smart people with pretty nearly unlimited budgets. 
 Yes you are correct: it should be 51% of all Good activations (of all devices), not 51% of just smartphones. 
New Posts  All Forums: