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Gonna be delicious
Um, what?
what a crappy rip off. I almost threw up when I saw the very sony-ish "hold on while the phone is ringing screen". Bleh bring on the real deal. I'm ready.
Transmit is fantastic. You can edit the html directly within transmit. I have never had a single problem with it.
As someone else mentioned or several others mentioned this is B.S. first of all they are using 3 years of M$ data versus 4 years of Apple data. I particularly love the reference to how M$ was "just over" 44 billion and Apple was "just under" 21 billion in revenues. Honestly I'd love to have the last laugh in the Apple debate too but at this point this is just wet dreams.
waaa waaa waaa
I love coffee and drink lots of it regardless of the shakes and other adverse side effects it sometimes has. Lots of sugar and lots of cream (not creamer, but cream) is how I take it. I also perfer freshly ground beans when available.
2 letters my friends B.S.
Dont forget that the patent makes several references to a touchscreen capability and changable interfaces. we may see something that relies almost entirely on a touchscreen/touch wheel interface. Any thoughts? I also see Apple as recognizing that maximizing the screen size is an enormous wow factor...and with a movie service on the way this may lend additional credibility to this point.
I am rethinking the navigation on the model page to resemble the navigation on the places page (this would resolve knowing who you are looking for). I have also thought about this backward navigation issue and havent really come up with a final solution but I like what you've suggested and it's simple enough. Thanks, and keep the feedback coming in I appreciate it. 8)
New Posts  All Forums: