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Oh, and and any ideas on text or forums you'ld like to see would be great.
I am working out the details of my photography website and I wanted to get some feedback from the crowd here. http://web.mac.com/simonlive/iWeb/Site/Photos.html this is the basic layout that I am working with a buddy on and I was hoping to get some suggestions. As you can see I'm in the early stages of development here and any suggestions could really be benificial. Please feel free to offer any inital thoughts weather you like it or not I've got some pretty thick skin....
Just arrived today (holy shit this thing is beautiful).
My Macbook Pro is scheduled to arrive within the next 2 hours and I was hoping to see if anyone has nailed down the instructions for dual booting windows XP yet? Is this process difficult? Any information on how I'd go about getting this done would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
I ordered a custom built MBP (2.0 ghz model with 2 gig of ram and 120 gig HD)on Feb 25th and it's still scheduled to ship on March 20th and arrive on March 30th. Bleh...I have forced myself to forget about it so when it finally arrives it will be a surprise.
I wanted to weigh in on this integrated graphics ordeal, you see I just sold a Toshiba laptop that I used for work (to order my MBP) and this Toshiba had the same integrated graphics card. I have to tell you that it was not that bad. In fact I can honestly say that it was more than sufficient for many of the things I was doing (including playing games). I think way too much is being made of this. Someone earlier said that many people are upset because it's not the machine...
I'll definatly try and do that thanks...although I will have to settle for compUSA because apparently Apple has no intention of ever placing an Apple store in Louisiana On the bright side imagining someone randomly throwing a mouse across the office makes me smile
I just ordered a mighty mouse with my new MBP last week and I have to tell you that I'm starting to get concerned that I may have wasted my money. In addition to the conflicting reports I've read here I have a friend who described his experience in much the same way as many of you described the experience....takes a few days to get used to, cant rest your hand on the mouse (like I've always done), strange sensitivity issues, and being forced to learn a whole new way of...
Well just wanted to post my purchase of a 2.0 ghz Core Duo Macbook Pro with 2 gigs of ram (sweet). I am a little nervous about this purchase because of the $$$ but I think overall I'll be happy. I just hope the applications I use most often (photoshop & office) transition quickly to work natively on the intel chip. The confirmation email said it will ship in 3-4 weeks. Has anyone heard any early shipping stories? Thx.
Slow down turbo
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