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I keep considering that Job's initial investment was somewhere around 10 million for Pixar. Now over the years before Toy Story they did nothing but cost him money and came close to being torn apart. Years have passed and investments have paid off now would be a perfect time for Steve to cash in on his investment and still have a steak in Pixneys future. This would also be the best thing for Apple should he decide to focus on Apple and only occupy a seat on the Disney...
they went from single core to dual-core so how is it that the prices should drop? It seems pretty obvious to be that this is the reason the prices are aprox. the same as before. but they are going to have to blow out the old machines at a killer price. (all this being said I would have loved to see lower prices as well)
ok I clearly cannot get this posting images thing down...from my PC laptop. Bleh.
Here's my PC/Mac/Mac setup. Notice the Herman Miller chair that I toiled over in the forums here some time back...it was a good decision.
makes me wonder who's job it is to set up the machine for Steve's presentations and the bullets that poor guy/gal must sweat the week before the presentations.
I couldent tell if you were serious or not there but I think this has a huge bearing on investors opinions of where this market will grow. Any time M$ makes a move like this that could potentially pull marketshare away from Apples bread and butter you'll see the stock suffer to some degree. In this case I think it is short lived and likely was caused by several factors. January will change things though
No, their interests lie elsewhere. (I enjoy reading debates over this topic though)
I agree with you whole-heartedly.
Here's what you should do .... Move your mother to a new neighborhood into a new house under an alias, then change your phone number and forward all of your calls to your mothers new house. Wait 6 weeks and then open your new G5. If anyone calls, writes, or shows up to collect the computer tell them that the person who used to live at the address in question has been deployed to Iraq. Enjoy.
Well Apple's stock is again approaching $70 per share (likely to hit it today) and after three years of watching it's growth I dont see it slowing down any time soon. I am curious to see if anyone else sees another split in the near future? Additionally I am curious to see what you guys feel the next 3-6 months holds for Apple with the advent of intel macs and the holiday season. I am debating making some stock purchases and again Apple is on top of my list...any other...
New Posts  All Forums: