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Thanks, I just feel that shooting guns in the air is probably not a good idea under any circumstances, especially when there are on-edge troops who could easily confuse "party gunfire" for "I'm shooting at you gunfire". every time they play any of the 200 video clips of Saddam standing on a balcony or a car firing a gun into the air in the presence of a crowd of people I laugh at the stupidity. The wedding party was a tradgedy but some of the greatest lesons in history...
All of the questions being raised about the U.S. "occupation" of Iraq has frustrated me to no end. I recently heard a quote from a source I cannot currently site that went something like this... "The attempts being made in Iraq to implement a Democratic government will not be successful in any short period of time. We (the U.S.) assume we can oust their dictator who has kept their people living in fear for decades and just implement Democracy 9.0. when the United States...
Lets be honest...I dont see this as one of the finer moments in our liberation of Iraq, however in times of tension why in the hell would these people be shooting guns in the freaking air tradition or not. Our soldiers did not take pleasure in doing this I can assure you. There needs to be understanding on the Iraqi citizens part that some things will not be tollerated durring times of war and one of them is the unnecessary firing of guns in the air until 3 in the morning....
you are forgetting about User C who occupys a part of each of us. The consumer who enjoys well thought out form factors but generally wants a machine that has upgrade capabilities beyond just 2 open slots for ram. this is the reason the iMac has not met sales expectations. Most people want the option of upgrading down the line, they may never do it (and likely wont), but they want the option. I say give the people what they want. this is how you increase market share.
the last portion of the article states that Siddiqui was released and not charged. I have in the past wondered if the government would detain the individuals on a hush hush basis to track changes in the "chatter" in the hopes of finding solid leads.
DEI (the company who makes Viper alarms) offers a module which senses rain, similar to a shock sensor, and rolls the windows up and can close your sunroof. I dont know the part number but used to manage a car audio shop a few years ago so I know its out there. this can be integrated into your alarm and with the remote start option you've already made two of your wishes come true.
New Posts  All Forums: