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"Secret of the Sphinx" on the original Atari game console used to drive me nuts...you would play for an hour or two only to get to the end and then realize you were missing something. I would always end up at the gate at the end without the key or whatever you needed to get through. Years later (here comes the spoiler) I found out you had to start out the game going backwards for a ways to get the key...I still kind of feel like an ass for not figuring that one out.
I have to wonder weather or not Sony and Microsoft getting their gaming console chips from IBM is going to put Apple on the backburner and thus Apple would need to entertain other options. Lets face it IBM hasnt exactly been right on schedule with its updates or even with its supply. It's an interesting story none the less.
Oh for christ sake I'm so tired of asking already...
why is it that when people disagree with the decisions a company makes that means the company is supposed to fail as a whole? This entire article tells quite a bit about Apples big mistakes and fails to mention the superior decisions it has made as a company (shorted by saying something along the lines of it if it werent for them making good products). I am never more intrigued than when reading/hearing blanket statments by people like this and how they think Apple is...
I think that it's concievable that the next generations powerbooks may all have the ability to function this way and will sport a fully rotating display (and for the love of god a G5 processor)
As far as I can tell it's not widely recognized but perhaps widely speculated.
Oh, Thank God...now I can sleep again.
I'm going to hell for laughing... but it just might be worth it. Edit: C'mon moderators...where is my spawn of satan status? thats twice today
AHH, thats actually pretty interesting. Why does Lucas feel the need to sugar coat the story like that? Very interesting though.
took me a second to figure out who I was looking at there, But that is damn funny. Edit: please change my number of posts to 666 and my status to spawn of satan
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