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Can someone fill me in on the who shot first conspiricy? It sounds really funny but I dont know what you guys are talking about. Thanks.
I'm so glad that people see how bad that character was. Jar Jar almost ruined the entire lifetime Star Wars experience all together. My exwife said that she really liked the character and thought he was "cute"..... As you can probably already tell I divorced that bitch.
-iPod white -slot-loading drive -what appears to be a jog wheel on the device? Micro$haft never ceases to amaze me. At least it looks cool so far.
I just saw this article on Slashdot a little while ago. Cherry OS I have been sort of keeping an ear open to news on this project and have been very skeptical so far. Oh well... it would have been interesting if it was actually released (that is if it ever really existed).
that would make you my hero
Thanks for the good news... I seriously drove about 45 minutes away to the Virgin Megastore in downtown N.O. the other day in an effort to locate an old copy of the VHS that I could transfer to DVD. I was unsuccessful and very disappointed, but this has renewed my hope that someone out there gives a shit about this film. Thanks again for the good news.
I'm trying to decide if thats where your thought process stops or if this is your idea of humor...
Congrats!!! I got married on Valentines day in 2004 in Lake Tahoe....Gotta love Nevada
I wanted to start a new thread covering the status of IBM and their relationship with Apple. Lately (over the last several months) I seem to be seeing more and more bad news coming from IBM. Most notably I just read an article about them laying off another 13,000 employees. Is this just another red flag that these guys arent doing so well or is this just the result of their weak financial results a few weeks back? I'm always devistated when I read about AMD and Intel...
Must have been all that Apple stock that he picked up in the late 90's talking
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