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My MY16 Golf arrived yesterday, car play is awesome!   its funny how I would have to pay extra to have VWs voice activation system, but I get siri standard...which is the best! I replied to texts as I was driving using siri, answered calls, it was pretty slick.
I went to the apple store & had a look at the new rose gold apple watch sport. in direct light, it looks pinkish, in shadows it looks more coppery to me.
 I really like the car too, its funny to nitpick things like the stereo, but a geek like myself enjoys playing with new tech toys haha.does your HRV has the HDMI port?.
I'm waiting for my MY2016 VW Golf to arrive :D it has car play also, cant wait to try it out.   My friend got a new Honda HRV, not the biggest fan of their current touchscreen systems.
Without getting into build quality or styling. the Pebble isn't a bad watch at all, i used to have a pebble steel, sold it when i got an Apple watch. I see pebble being mainly a compeditor to the android wear devices. if you were an android user, what smart watch would you choose? saying you wouldnt use android doesnt count :p its like the what if game.
The keynote 'revealed' all this stuff :P
I tried a few on, wow do they feel nice & premium!!!.   i took a few pics too.
  Please don't be a douche. I wasn't making a complaint, I don't complain in general, it was a statement, Marvin explains everything very well, doesn't mean i can't make a post...
No they didn't, applications have been nick named apps since at least the early 90s probably earlier.I don't mind apple getting the rights to the name, the modern known term app to the lay person is an application on your phone or tablet. Apple didn't coin the phrase though , I've always called applications apps for short.
I was considering the upgrade to the mac mini, I have the mid 2011 mac mini, i put 16gb of ram in it, mainly because this machine is on 24/7, i love this thing, since it doesn't need to be a power house (i have my rMBP) I might just keep my 2011 mac mini & put an SSD in it, its starting to show its age a bit, the SSD should help extend its life. I'm kinda sad about the non upgradable ram in the new one, i got the basic entry mac mini in 2011, it had 2gb of ram at the...
New Posts  All Forums: