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 I have the MY16 Golf with Car play, it needs the USB connection to work, its really responsive at least, my car has a spot to keep my phone, so I'm not trying to get at it while I'm driving.I don't think my car has any wireless car play functions, the VW software works wirelessly.I'm not sure of software updates will work, don't really want to buy a new car when a new update is released, even taking it for a service would be annoying, I hope It just tethers the data off...
 I was just about to run the update, glad I read this post!
No, I understand the GST, that would account for the 10% but 20% is the stretch.I'm not angry or anything, I still buy the things I want.Wonder how much the extra prices are from state to state in the US?.
in Australia we have always paid more for Apple products, even when $1 AUD was worth more than $1 US we still paid 10-20% more.
My MY16 Golf arrived yesterday, car play is awesome!   its funny how I would have to pay extra to have VWs voice activation system, but I get siri standard...which is the best! I replied to texts as I was driving using siri, answered calls, it was pretty slick.
I went to the apple store & had a look at the new rose gold apple watch sport. in direct light, it looks pinkish, in shadows it looks more coppery to me.
 I really like the car too, its funny to nitpick things like the stereo, but a geek like myself enjoys playing with new tech toys haha.does your HRV has the HDMI port?.
I'm waiting for my MY2016 VW Golf to arrive :D it has car play also, cant wait to try it out.   My friend got a new Honda HRV, not the biggest fan of their current touchscreen systems.
Without getting into build quality or styling. the Pebble isn't a bad watch at all, i used to have a pebble steel, sold it when i got an Apple watch. I see pebble being mainly a compeditor to the android wear devices. if you were an android user, what smart watch would you choose? saying you wouldnt use android doesnt count :p its like the what if game.
The keynote 'revealed' all this stuff :P
New Posts  All Forums: