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I tried a few on, wow do they feel nice & premium!!!.   i took a few pics too.
  Please don't be a douche. I wasn't making a complaint, I don't complain in general, it was a statement, Marvin explains everything very well, doesn't mean i can't make a post...
No they didn't, applications have been nick named apps since at least the early 90s probably earlier.I don't mind apple getting the rights to the name, the modern known term app to the lay person is an application on your phone or tablet. Apple didn't coin the phrase though , I've always called applications apps for short.
I was considering the upgrade to the mac mini, I have the mid 2011 mac mini, i put 16gb of ram in it, mainly because this machine is on 24/7, i love this thing, since it doesn't need to be a power house (i have my rMBP) I might just keep my 2011 mac mini & put an SSD in it, its starting to show its age a bit, the SSD should help extend its life. I'm kinda sad about the non upgradable ram in the new one, i got the basic entry mac mini in 2011, it had 2gb of ram at the...
Ummmm, riiiight?.....Just because its given to you, doesn't mean you have to eat it.People can make their choice, even a kid knows these things.Im not diabetic, pineapples are so so for me (kinda like U2) if someone offered them to me, id take them.Is this a trick question?, Of course I'm surprised, its why i commented.Its actually stupid.just because its second nature for you to be an ungrateful self entitled douche, doesn't mean we all are, personally i don't like U2, i...
No kidding huh, When someone gives me something, i say thank you too.Too many self entitled douches around, even if you don't like a give, you say thank you, then put it under the bed :pI was surprised about how many people complained about getting a free album :S
If a new macbook air gets announced, i might just lose my sh!t & start selling things to have enough money spare to get one. my 11" mba served me so well for the last 4 years, it still runs perfectly, not a scratch on it, one of my fav macs I've ever owned, I loved my 12" G4  Powerbook, my macbook air, then its gotta be my mac mini, that thing is a little beast, best of all, 15" rMBP, I've had others & whats weird is that I've never owned a mac that wasn't amazing & they...
Everywhere i shop (here in australia) has pay wave setup, so when apple pay comes out here (i hope) it shouldn't be much of a change. its gonna make my life easier, here pay wave has a $100 limit though. 
Thank you Something i really like about iOS 7 now 8, is the semi-transparencies, the wallpaper changes the colour of all the layers above it, its subtle but really nice.
I've been doing the clean phone home screen for years now, i have access to all my main apps in the dock which can be accessed on every page, the second page on is full of apps, all organised. 
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