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 Yeah I agree.Everyone at my work laughed about it, joking that the iPhone 5c is more expensive than the S4 (which can be found outright for $400 AU) Then they howled over the 5S pricing, this is one of those things, I can defend a lot, I can't defend the pricing. 
 Yeah, that really is, the macbook air seems to be the only device apple has that can use the airport extremes ac speed.the 5s looks pretty kickass, I'm in Australia, people buy phones outright quite a bit here, the 64GB iPhone 5 was $899, here is my issue, the replacement iPhone 5s 64GB is $ 1,129.00, thats a pretty decent price jump, I guess i'll wait for the 6.
Whats with all the butthurt?.This thing looks infinitely better than the apple TV for playing games (just for games), But honestly, I never use my apple TV for games, if i'm going to play a console hooked up to a TV, i'm not gonna use a Vita TV, i'm sure as hell not using an Apple TV.Streaming music & movies/TV, is what i prefer & the apple TV is really good at those things, i don't see what this thing can do to improve off that? unless it has a USB port & network...
 I hope they do bring out their own versions.I love what Canon & Nikon do, they make the best DSLRs in the world, the only problem with going against the QX100 & 10, Sony makes the best enthusiast camera & the best selling & pretty much best mirrorless cameras too (the NEX series). So Nikon & Canon will need to pick up their game.
I might get me one of these things, would be fun to try out. Just throwing this out there, some decent enthusiest camera have good sensors & most mirrorless cameras of do of course, the QX10 & 100 are basically the top enthusist camera out there (RX100 II), i dont think this is treading on DSLRs toes, the thing people have to rememeber, they look at mega pixels they look at ISO sensitivity, the look at the appiture but miss one big thing, the QXs can't shoot in RAW, so...
 I put a wifi 32GB SD card in my camera, lets you store photos on it or you access its wireless network (with its own SSID & password) using an iOS or android app, lets you get the photos.
 I agree, the way i see it, the old titles like mario 1, 2, 3 & world, aren't making money for Nintendo right now, bring some old titles over to iOS, they can actually get money for games they dont sell anymore.if they want they can keep the newest titles for their own systems that's upto them.My 10 year old sister has an iPad & an iPod touch already! shes 10!, shes had an iPad for a few years already :panyways, my point is, she has the device so all she needs is the...
 Looks like he's doing just fine at the end. 
 Might have similar options to the RX100 II?.This is a bunch of win for me, i'd like to get one of these things, I guess the real test is, what will the iPhone 5s camera have? The QX100 has a 1 inch sensor & optical zoom using a zeiss lens :O so pretty damn good. 
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