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There is a crazy amount of posts on here, not sure if someone linked this blog or not. i read it off an Australian news site.   its about how Apple could make more money if Steve Ballmer ran apple. http://stratechery.com/2013/if-steve-ballmer-ran-apple/
  I agree, i think it's the price that's stopping people from considering the 15 rMBP, I've had many conversations with people, rMBP is the machine on the top of their lists, if it didn't have such a price, I bought one anyways, but the amount of people that sound envious is pretty random, people lust over it, non mac people too, it all comes back to the price.  I knew a guy that almost got one, he spec'd it up (on the apple site), then decided to look for a PC clone, he...
Very interesting read.I've noticed a few good clevo slim gaming laptops about.I can see the upsides to Iris for sure.Personally would you prefer to see the 15 rMBP go iris instead of discreet?
Haha true, no one buys a Mac as a gaming machine :P i'm greedy for fast GPUs, i like to be able to run 3D animation software, so productivity is what i mainly want, playing games too isn't bad too. its funny that you can spend the same amount of money for a 15 rMBP as a high end gaming laptop, the gaming laptop comes with a poor LCD screen average build quality, massive size, crappy power adapter, then you get your rMBP, amazing screen, amazing build quality, amazingly...
  Agreed, its one of those things i got over, if i had a choice at this point in time id still choose discrete, those day seem to be numbered tho.     Solid point, the 765M would be a good step then?, its a 60-65W GPU. Its always a balance between power usage & power thats the issue with mobile devices. I have a gaming laptop with a crazy size power supply (75W GPU), its fan design is awesome, it keeps cool really well, my rMBP out performs it but it lets you know about...
The 770M is the current GPU of choice for high end PC laptops & its quite a bit better than the 650m, for some perspective, the Iris Pro GPU is comparable to last years high end mobile discreet GPU, which is actually quite a feat & its really impressive, integrated is closing the gap, interesting times. I'll be a little disappointed if apple don't opt for a 770M or even the 765M for the 15 rMBP, i think the 13 rMBP could really use the Iris Pro GPU.
A few days ago my Mum spilled tea all over her Dell laptop, it looks pretty 'Done' to me, have some issues now. So I've given her my 2010 11inch air, hopefully a haswell 13 rMBP could be my replacement :D better integrated GPU, bring it on.
I'm a match subscriber, but still interesting. I wouldn't care (in general) if ads are subliminal, I just don't want to see banners :p 
  Hahaha, its funny but true :) The interesting thing is the Samsung galaxy S4 has some basic controls with gestures, 1 finger to preview & hand waves to change page (they don't work very well) but could this bite apple?.
    This is true, we can't honestly be surprised by these rumors tho, on All things D, Tim Cook said that 'Wearable Devices & TV'  "continues to be an area of great interest for us". Apple (under SJ) danced around the iPhone the same way for a few years, I'm not saying that Apple is bringing a TV & Watch, out, just wouldn't be too shocked. It's sparked some public interest, so this could be apples way of testing the waters before a major launch?. When whenever there is a...
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