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I think some of the ideas coming out of google are pretty good, so the Moto X might push the android market into a different area, Googles execution & implementation is horrible tho.  
  I what now?
Not a chance, being on an apple forum & news site is not an excuse for being a jerk, wake up 
WTF is up with people on here? Badgering a guy for considering an android phone? & asking for his reasons like he needs permission. people can pick whatever phone they want, i don't care. it becomes a joke when people hate on stuff without trying it, personally the moto x might have some features that are awesome, so far, the features shown don't suit me, no big deal.
Anyone notice the new animation in iOS 7, when you download & install an app.
  This is all great news, a step forward in tech, I'm curious to how the 5200 stacks up to newer mobile GPUs, the 650M isn't the newest card out. So the new rMBP 15 should still keep a discreet GPU & hopefully get something newer than the 650M (GTX 770M) , to make it more worthwhile, more battery will be great too. I can see how the 5200 is a massive upgrade to the rMBP 13, the 4000 is so so.
<3 Dropbox
  For sure, TouchWiz could be the cause, I know that some devices are faulty, at work I'm dealing with smartphones, we support them, politicians use them, the other S4s seem exactly the same as mine, i'm probably just a little spoiled 
I have a nexus 7 too, it crashes daily too, statistically speaking id ask 'what are you doing to yours for it not to crash?' that's the question, i think its more unusual to have it running stable, no joke. when i say crash, i mean app crashes & sometimes the entire OS which reboots the system, My usage is pretty light, on my S4 its some texting, light browsing, sometimes running apps, I'm at work during the day so its not like i can just play on my phone, nexus 7 is much...
  I don't hate android, I wanted a new 'Premium' smart phone, It was either the S4 or the HTC One, At the time google didn't announce the google editions of the phones. I went S4 because HTC have a horrible OS update track record, At first touchwiz didn't seem that bad, The dislike isn't from bias, its because the device is unbelievably overrated, It has the specs, it really does, it doesn't have the performance, which is why I mentions the numbers themselves don't...
New Posts  All Forums: