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Ha, my iPod touch has siri, my iPad mini has siri, my old iPhone 4s has siri, my iPhone 5 has siri, my 3rd gen iPad has siri so why wouldn't a new iPhone have siri?, even if it is meant to be more affordable.
Looks pretty rad, shame it looks like its geared toward HD video, which is cool, bit pricey, i think the new PEN 5 or GX7 are the 4/3's cameras that look nice to me.   PS, if this sony thingy works on iOS....SHUT UP & TAKE MY MONEY!!! :) id just put it on my iPod touch :D
MS are upto the same games as before, Surface RT 32GB? you mean 16GB of usable storage & less than 1% of the apps available compared to the iPad.
I've said this before & i'll say it again. I like the camera in the Lumia 920, it works really well, too bad it's wrapped in a massive chunky nokia & too bad its running windows phone 8... In my desk draw at work i have the 920, no one wanted it so i play with it sometimes, see what apps are on the MS app thingy, still nothing...
I love my 5th Gen iPod touch, (Plants VS Zombies 2 just got the iOS 7 patch :D anyways), I don't see apple changing the design only after 1 year after it already had a redesign (i think they did it on the original shuffle?) More so because the iPhone 5 & the iPad mini, probably the 5th gen iPad is taking similar design queues. apple sometimes streamlines internal design on stuff, new smaller versions on the old CPUs free up space, smaller logic board thingys, so the...
  Not 'piece', Load is more like it, would be funny if it was true, wouldn't matter, its open source, i bet samsung would pay what it needed to for the IP & keep it going. My 2cents.
I don't get the 'belly aching', if you don't want a more affordable iPhone then just get the flagship model. I think they are getting rid of people excuses for not getting one "iPhone being too expensive". Lets face it, apple don't often release a product that isn't completely polished & shmick. Really tho, i hope the lite or C does come out.
  Does that really matter?, I'll answer too, No, not really, We don't know if its delayed but even if it isn't, we can't check because the site is down We know apple won't tell us.
    I think the frustration is pointing straight at the loser that decied to 'Test' the security of the Dev site. Apple is just reacting like any good company would, just sucks that the beta is delayed because of it.
Maybe it's 'Too Fast'? or the screen is a little too 'Amazing'
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