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I love my 5th Gen iPod touch, (Plants VS Zombies 2 just got the iOS 7 patch :D anyways), I don't see apple changing the design only after 1 year after it already had a redesign (i think they did it on the original shuffle?) More so because the iPhone 5 & the iPad mini, probably the 5th gen iPad is taking similar design queues. apple sometimes streamlines internal design on stuff, new smaller versions on the old CPUs free up space, smaller logic board thingys, so the...
  Not 'piece', Load is more like it, would be funny if it was true, wouldn't matter, its open source, i bet samsung would pay what it needed to for the IP & keep it going. My 2cents.
I don't get the 'belly aching', if you don't want a more affordable iPhone then just get the flagship model. I think they are getting rid of people excuses for not getting one "iPhone being too expensive". Lets face it, apple don't often release a product that isn't completely polished & shmick. Really tho, i hope the lite or C does come out.
  Does that really matter?, I'll answer too, No, not really, We don't know if its delayed but even if it isn't, we can't check because the site is down We know apple won't tell us.
    I think the frustration is pointing straight at the loser that decied to 'Test' the security of the Dev site. Apple is just reacting like any good company would, just sucks that the beta is delayed because of it.
Maybe it's 'Too Fast'? or the screen is a little too 'Amazing'
I work in the Australian Parliament House (its like the White House of Australia). I'm in the IT area, we are currently giving the bigwigs iPads & iPhones, for every 50 iPhones they get, maybe 2 requests for Galaxy S4s, maybe 2 for the BB Z10s. Support & setup time on the iPhone is less than 1/2 that of the other phones, at least!.
I think some of the ideas coming out of google are pretty good, so the Moto X might push the android market into a different area, Googles execution & implementation is horrible tho.  
  I what now?
Not a chance, being on an apple forum & news site is not an excuse for being a jerk, wake up 
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