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Where is 'collecting underpants' in this plot?
"so you're not going to cure my obesity? What a jerk!" 
Not sure, i googled it, he cries way too much it looks like.  
    AHHHHHH!!!!!!!......My nightmares have come true! 
  Good to know, an upgrade to look forward to    Its gotta be at least a year away, they just updated the airs, a great update, but I'll wait & see how the rMBPs go. between the current 13" (new) air & 13" pro, they each have their upsides, battery vs performance, if they give the 13" pro amazing crazy battery life, It makes the air a harder choice for me to make, its cheaper & slightly smaller.   Mavericks giving even 10% (at least) more battery life, is amazing, I...
  Music to my ears, I cant wait for Mav to come out! :D i have the rMBP 15, battery life is pretty good, more would be great, does all the extra core animation stuff make things smoother?. my 2010 air 11" will hopefully feel some improvements, battery & zippieness.   Even tho i have the 15" rMBP, I'm really keen to see what apple focus on when they do the haswell update on the macbook pros, If the 13" rMBP gets amazing battery life & GPU improvements are enough, i might...
Personally, the more i use iOS 7, the more i dig the colours & changes, it visually pops, it give me a happy feeling . Apple can't please everyone, I think the average user (wider public) will really like iOS 7s look & design.   if people hate the new keyboard so much, they can always go to android  I have never actually used news stand, so I really don't care how it looks now, its hiding in a folder now (Wooohooo we can do that now), a good enough reason in its...
I've said it before & I'll say it again, "Anal-yst" guess what their sources are? 
I have a nexus 7, to me, honestly, it felt laggy & slow from day 1, i have wiped it at least 5 times since i got it, over time it just gets more unstable. the lower spec (on paper) iPad mini, is a dream, the real life speed is way more usable & consistent. 
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