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  Really? man i hope so, GeForce GT 650M? as in the same card that the 15 rMBP uses & current alienware gaming laptops?. sounds super unlikely, i wouldn't argue if its the case, it would mean that discreet GPUs in laptops days are over & would be redundant.
So no one else noticed that the OSX twitter app got updated, now has retina support? well i like it anyways.
When they talk about a 'low end iPhone', they would still probably have the internal hardware of the iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 (2 fast & very capable phones), assuming this comes out when the iPhone 5s is released. 
  No, the others carry influence, if you have a brain tho, their influence doesn't work. consider Beiber fans...
So glad they added the My Subscriptions feed, thats the biggest thing that was bugging me, maybe next time,  a better inbox interface?.
  Yep sounds like it to me . Im pretty sure the HDD needs to be at least 8GB SSD hybrid to run the OS, for the fast boot times.    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultrabook  - I know, wikipedia isn't really legit.    http://www.intel.com.au/content/www/au/en/ultrabook/ultrabook-showcase.html - some intel stuff, its the aussie site too.   http://www.mobiletechreview.com/Ultrabook-Info.htm - More random info.       I know this is all a tangent from the subject, basically,...
    Didn't read his post & i probably said it better anyways :p Haha I'm kidding...but seriously. 
  Ummmm...... yes there is, ever heard of Intel?. For a laptop to be called an 'Ultrabook' it needs to meet a set of specs & criteria set by Intel, size, weight, no optical drive & either a full SSD or a hybrid drive (fast boot times are also part of it) they decide what gets branded as ultrabook, the same thing could be said about 'Netbooks' they had to be 10 inches or smaller. Its true (all had the same internal specs, for the most part). they are all notebooks, but...
I agree, but Apple turning things around isn't really the norm (1 in a million), I don't see it happening again with 'Yahoo', companies that where around for a lot longer & were a bigger deal in their own industry have fallen & never recovered. people all over the net talk about how much they loved their nokia phones, yet their sales are in the toilet.  Myspace is being overhauled, but will it make it back?, what if they offered iOS integration?.        So so true!!!,...
despite how deep inside that chick Ive might be, still a bad idea, yahoo is over.
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