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C'mon, not this silly talk again :p    play a car game with a keyboard, have fun with that :p play street fighter 4 or tekken enjoy. personally when playing FPSers, keyboard & mouse is the way to go, it is so so with a controller.   if the gaming community thinks a controller is a good idea, then it is a good idea. 
I have been using iOS 7 on my 5th gen iPod touch, i didn't want it on my iPhone 5 until it's actually released. After reading all the new little things that have been added, i gotta try them out, I've noticed that the old siri voice is still there. i restored my touch from icloud, it was so unstable i had to wipe it & start again, its working alot better now, i guess they have alot more things to fix.
I'm so glad this is happening, I knew it would one day. Potable gaming is going to change to iOS at a faster rate after this, if you follow the E3 expo, so many major games are coming out with iPad (maybe iOS) companion games, so Battlefield 4,  you have your standard multi-player (PC & Console), what they added is a support roll that someone on an iPad can join the multi-player, they can bomb the enemy or send in supplies i guess. Watch dogs is looking amazing, they...
I think he kicked ass, he really did an awesome job. i was reading comments on youtube (big mistake) even the android extremists couldn't say a bad thing about his presentation. 
I hope apple puts a plex player app on the apple tv themselves, that would be awesome!!!.
The air might get a re-design, the rMBPs, seriously doubt it.
The newer generation atom chip has some good potential, I'm interested to see how they go, as far as i know, they aren't limited to 32bit anymore. so if the speed is right, if the atoms are running a decent clock speed, quad core, 64bit, the new gen airs might run them? :S they wouldn't need cooling so they could be smaller & have smaller batteries & maybe have decent performance? anyone here know much about the new atoms, I'm i talking crazy talk?
  Huh?, I don think im the 'only' person mixed up here :p & i think you missed my point, i use my iPhones camera, all the time, its always with me, however, when i go out to take photos (I do regularly) i take my DSLR & tripod with me. I'm not telling everyone to get a DSLR, for most people, the iPhones camera will be just fine, happy snaps & for the people that have the skill, some good pics can be taken, I shouldnt have to say this, who would tell a photographer to swap...
  I don't really want to have a tit for tat thing going on, honestly, remarks back & forth, no point, I think it was your phrasing. I added my PS after you edited your post with the extra comments.   Haha, the salesman was telling me this about phones built in cameras, i showed him the camera i had, he was probably just trying to make me feel bad (not a good sales ploy). i show him my camera so i can fit a bag, so he tells me a phone would do a better job then a camera...
  No, you are talking about composition of a photo, someone with an iPhone without a doubt could do a better job then someone with a DSLR, however, the iPhone has a lower ceiling when it comes to good quality shots, a DSLR in the right hands can do things that an iPhone simply cant do, this is a fact. You are getting composition & quality mixed up, how the shot looks, the style, the art to it, VS how accurate, crisp detail, bokeh.    I agree with the best camera is the...
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