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  No, you are talking about composition of a photo, someone with an iPhone without a doubt could do a better job then someone with a DSLR, however, the iPhone has a lower ceiling when it comes to good quality shots, a DSLR in the right hands can do things that an iPhone simply cant do, this is a fact. You are getting composition & quality mixed up, how the shot looks, the style, the art to it, VS how accurate, crisp detail, bokeh.    I agree with the best camera is the...
    Sorry dude, i might have just jumped too quickly onto it, its late here in Australia, haha. the subject is interesting, gets annoying for people that love photography, i went into a camera shop a few days ago, asking for a bag for my new mirror less, the guy told me there was no point, phones are just as good, that spun me out, his college came back just in time for me to school him, she agreed with me, then i left the shop, haha :) Photography is something everyone...
  I'm calling bullshit on some of what you said, anyone that knows anything about photography would be turning in their graves. No doubt, someone with an iPhone could compose a great photo, i use mine all the time, the sensor in an iPhone doesn't come close to a DSLR or even a decent 4/3rd camera or a mirror-less, its about sensor size, the better & BIGGER the sensor the more light it can capture, better sensitivity, sorry to jump on you there, I'm really into photography...
So kickass, im totally getting them. wont need a new Wacom :D 
I have an up, this thing looks like it does more than the Up, doesn't look as good & its twice as big. Bad sleep is why i wear it, i'm an every day at the gym kinda guy so its fun tracking little things too.    why do the lamers always complain when some stories aren't directly about apple? this is related to apple, its a device you link to your mac or iPhone, people should relax, I like getting more tech into on less sites, means less screwing around.        "shut up...
  That's crazy talk...anyways, on a different note & not a grand & unfounded statement, At work they got a surface RT for testing, they had the crazy idea that senators would like them, they quickly found out that they are useless, so now i have a surface RT at my desk, just for surfing the net during the day :p 
  I hope it turns out this way. I'm a little skeptical of what the companies say about the benchmarks & graphic output of their chips. ivy-bridge & HD 4000 promised massive GPU gains, benchmarks after release only showed a few percent gains, like most things in tech these days its an evolution not a revolution, no complains. if my mac mini dies, a haswell based mac mini would be on bought so fast!.
  Really? man i hope so, GeForce GT 650M? as in the same card that the 15 rMBP uses & current alienware gaming laptops?. sounds super unlikely, i wouldn't argue if its the case, it would mean that discreet GPUs in laptops days are over & would be redundant.
So no one else noticed that the OSX twitter app got updated, now has retina support? well i like it anyways.
When they talk about a 'low end iPhone', they would still probably have the internal hardware of the iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 (2 fast & very capable phones), assuming this comes out when the iPhone 5s is released. 
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