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My points have been made, Not gonna bother with more Tit for tat arguments on here, It went from a conversation about opinion & fact to semantics & word play.    bmason1270 & Marvin made great points & showed interesting stuff.    I think we all can agree, the video game industry as a whole is pretty massive & doing well, so vendors & developers trying new things, can't be a bad thing, keeping everything to keyboard & mouse, doesn't really push innovation, I'm...
They forgot to mention this in the ad.    
....you cant be for real, this is just silly, i didn't include them because you didn't specify, i asked the question, really think most of this has gone over your head.   ??? Ummm...No Aside from the rest of whatever our conversation was, I think iOS is getting there, games like sudoku don't really make it seem like a valid platform, i've been playing knights of the old republic on my iPad, this was a game i used to play on xbox & PC, its perfect for iPad, its a real...
If i tried to twist the results, i wouldn't have mentioned that i left mac out if the PC stats, here you go, i included mac this time   PC & Mac on the left, All consoled combined on the right, does that make you feel better?     I haven't lied at any point, you just disagree with me, even when i prove you wrong you still can't take it, just leave it alone, i can tell you have an ego about being right, you aren't always right.     WTF are you talking about? (i just...
    PC on the left, consoles (combined) on the right, i didn't include mac with PC, i guess i could if you wanted.   As fun as this wasn't, it's interesting that you fixated on this irrelevant stat, if PC did make up for a larger portion, which it doesn't clearly, what did it prove again exactly?
  Sorry, no sale, that looks different to what the chart shows, nice try, better luck next time.
  so true 
  You don't understand...there is no argument...     That is so cool :) i'll stare at it for a while, the thing it can't factor in is, the people that play on all systems (well most).   I think the controller should do well, only time will tell.
Enjoy   It is exactly like no arcade out there, maybe an internet cafe (if they are still around) The competitive street fighter & tekken players use joysticks, if they don't use joysticks they use control pads, no one uses keyboard (in the pro comps) & for the most part casual player even use joysticks or controllers. Go to a fighting game forum, just mention your idea, then step back, they will go to town, I seriously doubt that even 1% of the community play on keyboard...
C'mon, not this silly talk again :p    play a car game with a keyboard, have fun with that :p play street fighter 4 or tekken enjoy. personally when playing FPSers, keyboard & mouse is the way to go, it is so so with a controller.   if the gaming community thinks a controller is a good idea, then it is a good idea. 
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