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Ambled does have its upside, they forgot to mention the lower number of sub pixels, different screen colour temperature & high saturation & no colour accuracy.  Yeah who cares about those things, contract is everything :P Really tho, apple might go to amoled at some point, it does save on power, but the image on an amoled has a strange quality to it.
MKBHD Rocks, He has great reviews, just for fun, pick any other youtube tech reviewer or site, Cnet the Verge, anyone, then have a look at the number of youtube subscribers they have compared to Marques Brownlee. So he's pretty well known on youtube.  
Crazy talk, its so much better being separate, for me.Id rather have an extra app then having a cluttered or under featured music app & cluttered or under featured podcast app.My guess is, the music app  with podcasts was too messy for apple.
 Same here, they have had some amazing guests, i don't think they are funny at all tho, more interesting.I like Fatman on Batman - Kevin Smith's batman podcast & The Joe Rogan Experience.   Haha, i'm not the best example but here's my lame Facebook pic haha. Hey i used to be really fat, so i'm pretty proud.
Some podcasts are big in the fitness community & comic nerds I'm both haha. 
Updating the Beta's for my 3rd gen iPad, iPhone 5 & Macbook air as i type this :D c'mon download haha.   I've heard people say that the iOS 8 Beta wasn't stable, to me, so far its been quite stable, way more than iOS 7 was for me, my iPhone has had 1 reboot, thats since day one of the beta, so thats pretty good, all my apps work too.
 Haha :) Ummmm no, they are very popular I'm using the podcast app in fact as i type this, listening to Fatman on Batman.When i setup a new iOS device i usually download the podcasts app first. 
 No problems. 
Fair enough, Like many discussions about rumours, people just want to give their opinions & logically work things out & discuss them.I don't know anyone on here that is always right about anything (including yourself), but its interesting reading people point of view.No scenarios were made & apple has done this in the past & released adaptors months after the new devices have come out, lets not let facts get in the way of a good arrogant rant :)   Which was my point, it...
New Posts  All Forums: