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Some podcasts are big in the fitness community & comic nerds I'm both haha. 
Updating the Beta's for my 3rd gen iPad, iPhone 5 & Macbook air as i type this :D c'mon download haha.   I've heard people say that the iOS 8 Beta wasn't stable, to me, so far its been quite stable, way more than iOS 7 was for me, my iPhone has had 1 reboot, thats since day one of the beta, so thats pretty good, all my apps work too.
 Haha :) Ummmm no, they are very popular I'm using the podcast app in fact as i type this, listening to Fatman on Batman.When i setup a new iOS device i usually download the podcasts app first. 
 No problems. 
Fair enough, Like many discussions about rumours, people just want to give their opinions & logically work things out & discuss them.I don't know anyone on here that is always right about anything (including yourself), but its interesting reading people point of view.No scenarios were made & apple has done this in the past & released adaptors months after the new devices have come out, lets not let facts get in the way of a good arrogant rant :)   Which was my point, it...
Was that you clarifying? :p"Clear as mud"
 So when i said "IF" did you get confused you into thinking what i thought was a fact?, Just clarifying.These are all rumours at this point, so everything i said was about a hypothetical device config change & my feelings on it.
If Apple goes ahead with this, without have an adapter of some sort, it would be a terrible mistake. It would alienate most Audiophiles, The best headphone out their need an Amp to power them, (right now) a iPhone its self cant power the best headphones, you can get mini amps that use 3.5mm headphone jack (Standard) Personally id have to give the lightning ones a try, its still seems like a terrible idea. This would be a quick & easy way to kill iPod sales :p The tech...
Imagine how many full HD clips (at full res) you could have on screen in final cut pro....  or 4K video with timeline & then some, it makes sense, not to watch movies on, but as a productive computer.
New Posts  All Forums: