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    After reading all of what you have said in all your posts (in this page) It gives me the impression of someone that doesn't know the industry, which is OK, its alittle annoying getting told 'how things are' when someone clearing doesn't know how things are.  An example of what people say about iOS gaming, iOS is one of the fastest growing platforms that has games, which isn't really a statistic you can use, if you didn't have a gaming presence, then you start one, its...
      Of course you are entitled to your opinion, touchscreens are good for little puzzle games, angry birds & things like that, they really don't cut the mustard for games that require precision & finesse & yes lots of games need these things, generally not hand held games, i think a touch screen is a brilliant supplement to a physical controller, like the Wii U, PS4 & the ouya. on their own, not for serious gaming, My brother is a competition level gamer & I've been...
  Which three?, just curious (& yes this is a test :p)
  :S where you talking to me? from my 'seems legit' comment, did you deduce that i thought that apple & random company there invented the microphone icon & the colour purple?.   Google 'seems legit' its used a lot in memes, its sarcasm (sar·casm  /ˈsärˌkazəm/Noun The use of irony to mock or convey contempt. Synonyms: irony) As in 'this lawsuit seems dodgy'. 
Seems legit....
for me to want to buy a new apple branded TV, its going to need some fancy pants new features, in the typical, 'i didnt know i needed this feature, now i cant live without it' like apple does with most new product launches, i have a pretty new, super kickass smart tv, so its going to have to be good. 
The Australian Dollar is stronger than the US Dollar, yet we pay more....for everything, i'm kind used to it tho. 
Id love having a watch that gave me notifications, even better, be able to talk to siri, send texts or check stuff.  this is just the beginning. 
Apple haven't released a smart watch, so samsung haven't copied anything yet :S I'm a lover of tech, i hope they do spark up a war, i wants me a rad watch. 
    This is where advertising works, on the 'Swing Voter' consumers, which i think makes up for most people out there. Which is a big reason all companies need to step up their games on new product releases, people don't have the same brand loyalty that they used to (apparently). 
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