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Id love having a watch that gave me notifications, even better, be able to talk to siri, send texts or check stuff.  this is just the beginning. 
Apple haven't released a smart watch, so samsung haven't copied anything yet :S I'm a lover of tech, i hope they do spark up a war, i wants me a rad watch. 
    This is where advertising works, on the 'Swing Voter' consumers, which i think makes up for most people out there. Which is a big reason all companies need to step up their games on new product releases, people don't have the same brand loyalty that they used to (apparently). 
Seems to be working well for them, they use new media really well too. 
  Damn google has some impressive new ideas :P 
Bogus story is bogus
So many differing & contradicting stats these firms keep releasing...
WTF, what if i wanted my porn on there. you can google image smut, so silly, having porn native in app is different.
Hahaha, so so so true, can't walk around harajuku without getting harassed either, ahh good times :)    Isn't Roppongi a red light district? 
Id love an iPad dA app, it would totally breach the rules, sooo much awesome awesome art (nudie pics)
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