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After seeing the keynote & reading reviews/people opinions, it makes me feel better about having ordered the 15 rMBP when it launched, knowing that the 13 was around the corner & the size that i really wanted, I felt that apple where going to leave out a few key things i needed, So i got the 15, I love it, its the best computer i have ever owned (& i have owned & do own alot of computers). In the future if they put in a dedicated GPU & up the max ram, im spoilt by...
A lot of tech reviewers & bloggers have been complaining that iOS hasn't evolved enough & feels stale to them, with Ive getting into the software design space with Federighi, maybe some slight tweaks & ideas might make iOS look slightly different? or heaps, who knows?. 
 I ordered the 64GB black slate LTE model, ill carry it around instead of my 3rd Gen iPad (64GB 4G White). an iPad for home & one to carry everywhere, i'm i lame for doing that? :p
I have no issue with the iPad or iPad mini being a 'recreational tablet' Apple make consumer products, recreation is what a lot of people do with their computers, tablets & phones. the idea of a tablet for work purposes doesn't sound good to me, functionality wise a laptop vs a surface, if i'm working on spread sheets the surface would be balls. funny thing ive noticed being in the IT world for work, a lot of companies are making in house iPhone & iPad apps to help...
I bet apple got their lawyers to help write this up, I seriously doubt they can get in trouble for this
  I agree, the progress should speed up now, the demand for SSD is getting higher & higher. we have seen capacities move up & price drops in USB drives & HDD. Hopefully SSD is cheap enough & have the capacity when the HDD hits the wall on upgrade-ability.    PS on a different note, someone needs to update the dictionary on the spell check here, doesn't have basic works like USB or ones commonly used here like iPhone or iPad.  
  the rMBPs are over prices....I bought one anyways :p I love the 15 :D its damn awesome, i have boot camp running win 7 just for games, it out performs my Lamborghini gaming laptop with SSD 16GB or ram & a 3GB GPU  mt lion is magical on it too, if the 13 had a dedicated video card I probably would be regretting the 15 inch purchase, as of right now, I'm feeling pretty good. 
If i didn't have the 15inch rMBP, id probably go for the spec'd up 13 inch air, aside from the display & HDMI port & high spec'd CPU option, the 13 inch rMBP looks pretty similar to me :S  the new rMBP doesn't have a quad-core option that i could find, a little surprised by that 
Sadly these patents don't mean that much anymore, after reading the other article, the patent office can reverse these things willy nilly now i guess :S
Damn straight, I have the same plan, Need a new bedside speaker, when will the damn 3d party things come out.Hope there Is a mini iPad, another spare cable
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