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i might get me one of these things.
  Aussies don't drink fosters :P its not even an Australian beer anymore.  its cool in the simpsons epp tho 
Many good & interesting points, i think they are anal-ysts because of where they get their information :p what bugs me is something i read everywhere online, random places. The sill idea that, what has apple done to innovate in phones & tablets?, big deal, the iPad mini is just a small iPad 2, but that samsung are real market leaders, the galaxy S3 (even tho everything about it was predictable by the rest of the android market) was somehow a cool & new idea (even tho 2...
They put the Anal in Analyst...
Well i hope it fixes something. I went to sleep the other night, first thing in the morning i check my iPhone 5, i got a notification that i (apparently) downloaded 20GB while i was asleep. my months phone bill is $1600, i managed to talk to the phone company & have the eccess fees waved, My guess is that this was a telco bug but this is the second time, so im hoping it wasnt a iPhone wifi issue, that caused people that thought they were on wifi to use 3G & LTE instead.
I cant find it in the app store on the iPad mini or iPhone 5, i looked on the desktop, downloaded it in itunes. Maybe a win :S
I received an email last night 4am, telling me that it shipped, I should receive it early next month, which annoys me on a different level. I'm glad its on its way, i called apple last week & checked the status online, i knew it was still on order. I have the smart cover ready to go.
  I'm in the same boat, i havent recieved my email yet, when i logged in at apple.com.au it tells me that it shipping between 26/11/12 & the 3/12/12
  Wow thats crazy... i'm trying to find my account records for the last few months, mine would look really similar. I've never gone over 1GB in the last 2 years, then in 2 weeks of the same useage, 6.5GB, i managed to talk my provider out of charging me tho, 1GB was done while the phone was charging, in the middle of the night. How many MB or GB did you manage to get? I restored my phone, the update came out & this month is back to normal, funny thing is, my brother has...
this must have happened to me, i apparently downloaded, 6.5GB in 2 weeks....All on LTE & 3G
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