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Was that you clarifying? :p"Clear as mud"
 So when i said "IF" did you get confused you into thinking what i thought was a fact?, Just clarifying.These are all rumours at this point, so everything i said was about a hypothetical device config change & my feelings on it.
If Apple goes ahead with this, without have an adapter of some sort, it would be a terrible mistake. It would alienate most Audiophiles, The best headphone out their need an Amp to power them, (right now) a iPhone its self cant power the best headphones, you can get mini amps that use 3.5mm headphone jack (Standard) Personally id have to give the lightning ones a try, its still seems like a terrible idea. This would be a quick & easy way to kill iPod sales :p The tech...
Imagine how many full HD clips (at full res) you could have on screen in final cut pro....  or 4K video with timeline & then some, it makes sense, not to watch movies on, but as a productive computer.
Im running the Yosemite Beta on my late 2010 Macbook Air, i don't use it as much as my retina MBP (which i will update with the proper Yosemite release). So far I've noticed some performance issues, id say its just due to the OS being in beta, 10.9 ran really well on here, I think beta 2 will help heaps, I don't think its a hardware issue, so far, i like what i see, Im running iOS8 on my iPad 3, all in all, the look & feel of both iOS & OS X are making me feel happy, so...
Haha, the human race could be so lucky.If that happens, I'll get some faith back in the justice system.
That is true, personally, I think bench marks only tell you a few things about any device, real world tests still mean more to me.in this day & age, the new A processors & new Snapdragons are pretty damn quick, i like Apples priorities more than others, but they are fall fast.Boosting benchmark scores is still pretty low, so many geeks go off Benchmarks over experience.  
Its a shame, HTC are playing fair compared to most other Android device makers. If there is any justice in the world, HTC would take Samsung's throne.I have the feeling i'll end up with a new iPhone later this year, still like the way HTC are going.
I don't see the problem with having more choices & 4 & 5 inch iPhone options would be awesome, i know people that don't like big phones & i know people that don't like small phones, its a deal breaker for them, so more options could bring more customers to Apple. Its up to Apple if its worth it or not, the issues being some sort of fragmentation between the 4 & 5 inch models.  I guess if they up the resolution on both models to 1080P (i think a 1600x900 res would be...
I like that they are doing their own thing & style, they didn't resort to insulting Apple once to try to appeal to the Apple hating crowd. 
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