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Wow, looks amazing!!!, kinda scary & epic, driving there would be O_oI'll stop 1000 times to take photos.Haha, just about to watch the new episode, I've been to the live show that they toured as well, everyone but captain slow was there (May).
I don't get why people are so bitter about the Pebble & Pebble steel. Apple doesn't make an iWatch, if they do decide to make a watch, if not another wearable device, then you have more choice, until then, be quiet, if you want a smart watch, you can get a pebble or a Samsung Galaxy Gear 1 or 2, No iWatches to buy. I have a Pebble, if Apple brings an iWatch out, guess what, if it has good features at a reasonable price, i'll pounce on it, until then, Pebble is actually...
I'd love to drive a car all through Europe!!!, i drove a bit in switzerland. In Australia we drive on the left side of the road (Correct haha :P im kidding so don't freak out) same as Japan, UK, NZ, hopefully more places. Mannnn i want to travel again.....Paris is nice, love the old buildings, Czech republic is on my list!, Prague looks amazing in pics.  
All i did was post a clip off youtube, i didn't say anything, don't presume to know what I'm thinking, i didn't show anything.I don't appreciate your tone.It was a joke, try relaxing.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJ3RrqBqk14 This is a bit taken from an Australian show. 
Imagine how many random play store purchases people could make if the authentication for purchasing things was looking at the screen....Great idea! :P 
2014, feels the same as 2013 so far :p 
 Its 000 in Australia. If you were in arms reach, you'd need whaaambulance :p  
We got Home Alone, I want Hugo too!.
At last, this is awesome, now the randoms can see my wang twice!.
New Posts  All Forums: