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I don't get why people are so bitter about the Pebble & Pebble steel. Apple doesn't make an iWatch, if they do decide to make a watch, if not another wearable device, then you have more choice, until then, be quiet, if you want a smart watch, you can get a pebble or a Samsung Galaxy Gear 1 or 2, No iWatches to buy. I have a Pebble, if Apple brings an iWatch out, guess what, if it has good features at a reasonable price, i'll pounce on it, until then, Pebble is actually...
I'd love to drive a car all through Europe!!!, i drove a bit in switzerland. In Australia we drive on the left side of the road (Correct haha :P im kidding so don't freak out) same as Japan, UK, NZ, hopefully more places. Mannnn i want to travel again.....Paris is nice, love the old buildings, Czech republic is on my list!, Prague looks amazing in pics.  
All i did was post a clip off youtube, i didn't say anything, don't presume to know what I'm thinking, i didn't show anything.I don't appreciate your tone.It was a joke, try relaxing.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJ3RrqBqk14 This is a bit taken from an Australian show. 
Imagine how many random play store purchases people could make if the authentication for purchasing things was looking at the screen....Great idea! :P 
2014, feels the same as 2013 so far :p 
 Its 000 in Australia. If you were in arms reach, you'd need whaaambulance :p  
We got Home Alone, I want Hugo too!.
At last, this is awesome, now the randoms can see my wang twice!.
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