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Imagine how many random play store purchases people could make if the authentication for purchasing things was looking at the screen....Great idea! :P 
2014, feels the same as 2013 so far :p 
 Its 000 in Australia. If you were in arms reach, you'd need whaaambulance :p  
We got Home Alone, I want Hugo too!.
At last, this is awesome, now the randoms can see my wang twice!.
I used to work at the ACCC, was a good job, good times
The movie almost killed me, its so bad.
 Fair points.the way i see it tho, a console is out for 7 - 8 years before they get out of date.So a parent who has a few kids could get one system for the household, so if a kid got an iPad one year, the same console is still out the following year or 8, Besides that, most gamers are between 25 - 35, older people have more money & since the systems are out for a while, why choose when people can & do get both?.iPads are companion devices to the next gen console, you can...
I don't get the point of this editorial, Its Apples & oranges. Apple doesn't make something that competes in the home console gaming space. You could argue that the iPod touch or iPad takes the sales away from the 3DS or PS Vita, not the full gaming consoles tho.  Sony & MS are running off a different model to the one apple uses for its non gaming device. Interestingly tho, i traded in a bunch of my old Xbox 360 games, not all of the ones I own, just the ones i'll never...
New Posts  All Forums: