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Interesting youtube clip i just saw   http://youtu.be/2oDBB_omV0c?t=2m30s
 Unfortunately, Thats probably not it.A lower colour Gamut doesn't mean less saturation, it could be the the screen is going to display some colours incorrectly (it has a lower colour range).could make a pic thats meant to show a specific blue, being shown as a slightly different blue (maybe mixed into green).in the iPad mini retinas case, its most likely not a big issue, its colour Gamut is probably only a little lower than the iPad Air, apples standard for accuracy is...
 I totally agree, It took me spending lots of money on crappy devices to realise this. 
 It could be the difference, the Play store apps aren't checked to the same level as the app store (doubt that the play store is checked at all). it could be an app/game/service running, thats making it so unstable?, the 2013 has alot more on it tho, i got the 32gb one. its really stable so far, ill be selling my 2012 one, after kitkat comes out, I'm wanting to check if that helps it. My S4 runs like poo, my nexus 5 is going great, i go between my iPhone 5 & nexus 5, the...
 I don't believe that for a single second...I own a 2012 & 2013 Nexus 7.....the 2013 has occasional lag, the 2012 slows down horribly, randomly reboots & in general a pretty bad experience, the 2013 is a massive improvement, its actually a pretty good device. 
People seemed to think i was nuts when i said i wanted the GeForce GT 750M graphics processor in the next rMBP, then look what happened :P haha.  On the apple site, it isnt an optional upgrade, its a higher spec'd model. Im really curious about the performance difference Vs the battery life, that could really influence someones decision.  750M & Iris Pro VS Iris Pro.  
 No problems, I do the same thing sometimes, Damn internet makes it so easy sometimes.
 Ummm...Thanks? i guess?. to be fair, no one here is actually changing things, its a forum for people that like similar things to talk about said things & bitch about stuff & people that disagree, for anyone that didn't know this...Welcome to the internet. So i think i might be a bit more self aware than your average person (which is good & bad).your comment is interesting, however, might be arrogant of me to say, My points were actuate & true (basically i was right) :p so...
Not surprised, at all. Many people want iPads. I have 2, my brother has one, my mum has one, my dad has one, my step mum has one, my little sister has one, so does my step brother. If shocked my cat doesn't have one, bet he thinks he's getting one for christmas :P 
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