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 No problems, I do the same thing sometimes, Damn internet makes it so easy sometimes.
 Ummm...Thanks? i guess?. to be fair, no one here is actually changing things, its a forum for people that like similar things to talk about said things & bitch about stuff & people that disagree, for anyone that didn't know this...Welcome to the internet. So i think i might be a bit more self aware than your average person (which is good & bad).your comment is interesting, however, might be arrogant of me to say, My points were actuate & true (basically i was right) :p so...
Not surprised, at all. Many people want iPads. I have 2, my brother has one, my mum has one, my dad has one, my step mum has one, my little sister has one, so does my step brother. If shocked my cat doesn't have one, bet he thinks he's getting one for christmas :P 
An article i just read, love it, hahaha   http://www.anandtech.com/show/7384/state-of-cheating-in-android-benchmarks
 Sorry, Im confused by what you said.The QX10 records HD video & HD equivalent resolution in photos is about 2 megapixels.This thing does much more than 2MP.
 Not being a hater on your crazy guy rant.DSLRs are the opposite to a point & shoot camera, just had to throw that out there. Im no sony lover, but they currently make the best mirrorless cameras you can buy & the top enthusiast cameras, which the QX100 takes its parts from.Calm damn, have a coke & a smile, just don't buy it if you don't like it. 
pretty interesting bit of tech, the QX10 seems like a waste of time to me, the quality jump over the iPhone 5S is hard to justify for the price, the QX100, would have much much better quality pics but for $500 you jump into the territory of full on camera, DSLRs or a proper enthusiast camera. I think this has its place tho, paired with a phone, this is a social media capture device i think. Instagram/Flickr type people, maybe vloggers & youtubers.
 Madness, the podcast app rocks, so much better than using the music app, Im pretty sure if you delete the podcast app, you can still use the music app?. App app app-app app :p
 Hahaha, yep, I go back & play some old games sometimes, the puzzles are difficult & when you die, it really punishes you.People playing new games, don't know the rage that old games cause.
New Posts  All Forums: