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 Madness, the podcast app rocks, so much better than using the music app, Im pretty sure if you delete the podcast app, you can still use the music app?. App app app-app app :p
 Hahaha, yep, I go back & play some old games sometimes, the puzzles are difficult & when you die, it really punishes you.People playing new games, don't know the rage that old games cause.
 Wow that's an awesome thought, some of the big game makers already make iOS games & port to iOS, now with controller support, potential for great things. in 4 or 5 years, would be awesome having universal releases for all systems, PC, consoles, iOS.x86 & ARM software crossover boundaries could still make same issues i guess. I still think its awesome that compainion iOS games are coming out, Watch dogs & Battle field 4 seem to push this more than GTA 5.  the GTA 5 PS3...
I just checked it out, I like it, No complains from me. Then again I really like the look & feel of iOS 7. 
 I didn't make this meme, just saw it on Facebook & laughed.Well I play this particular game on console because it was designed to be played primarily on a console, the PC release can be upto a year later too, which is pretty common, I play PC games too, some games i prefer on console, some i prefer on PC, depends really. I own them all anyways, Don't see why not. I have heaps of steam games.Sadly in recent times, the best games to come out are console or specific console...
 Seems pretty common on youtube, read the comment sections if you wan't to get in a bad mood really quickly.Young kid trolls telling everyone how the world works, iSheep this & that.
 It won't, thats not what i was getting at, I can accept, currency exchange rates & tax rates, you can calculate for them, when they add a phantom price of top of those, thats my issue.
 I try to put my feelings aside with a lot of this stuff, My personal feelings are pretty different, I'm playing devils advocate.I don't post on an Apple forum to be a troll, I love the products, I think they are the best at what they do.That's my personal feelings, the world doesn't always agree with me (i think they are nuts) but none the less, people are entitled to their opinions as stupid as they seem. When i said the iPhones cost more then they 'should', its more...
New Posts  All Forums: