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 Seems pretty common on youtube, read the comment sections if you wan't to get in a bad mood really quickly.Young kid trolls telling everyone how the world works, iSheep this & that.
 It won't, thats not what i was getting at, I can accept, currency exchange rates & tax rates, you can calculate for them, when they add a phantom price of top of those, thats my issue.
 I try to put my feelings aside with a lot of this stuff, My personal feelings are pretty different, I'm playing devils advocate.I don't post on an Apple forum to be a troll, I love the products, I think they are the best at what they do.That's my personal feelings, the world doesn't always agree with me (i think they are nuts) but none the less, people are entitled to their opinions as stupid as they seem. When i said the iPhones cost more then they 'should', its more...
 Haha, nah, its one of the best places in the world :) for someone like me that loves tech, I still buy everything, just bitch about it online :P It's not like I'm trying to actually change things. 
 We pay an additional 10% Good & Sevices Tax on sales & when privately importing things into Australia we pay that GST on anything over $1000That doesn't really explain it tho, say for a PS3 game in the US $60 (AU & US dollar is one to one for this example,it usually is one to one).so a $60 game with our tax would be $66 then shipping isn't an issue, they are locally manufactured & shipped, we get our own covers & terms & conditions, local legal stuff & they are pressed...
 Don't tell me what my point was or what I'm supposed to do, you have less than an idea what you are talking about.i'll simplify this for you, you might get it, if I dumb it down enough, please, read what i say slowly... The iPhone 5S & 5C are over prices here (here being Australia) the extra tax that other device makers put on their phones is a lot smaller.The AUD & USD are about on par, so that isn't the reason for this, Apple charge Australians more for the same...
http://www.news.com.au/technology/smartphones/australian-customers-will-pay-up-to-114-more-than-americans-for-the-new-iphone/story-fn5sd1vk-1226717584450Game, set & match
 Your arrogance outweighs your intelligence, My point has been made & not dis-proven by you in any way shape or form, I'm not planning on repeating myself, you aren't reading & aren't even open to the possibility.Basically no, they don't share your opinion (most other, non Apple sites) just look around, What are the odds that you are right & everyone else is wrong?, think about that ;) I think the world is mad but you :p 
 No, Again, still wrong. People looking at the world through Apple tinted glasses can't be expected to have perspective, you sir, have no perspective.Go somewhere non-apple centric, see what they say?, Passing your opinions off as fact is vanilla flavored silly. It's not popular to have an opinion that goes against some of Apples decisions, just because they aren't popular, doesn't make them less valid. it's an uphill battle trying to educate some people, Sometimes I don't...
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