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Does that mean that you have to wait in line until all of the Elite Plus Platinum Premier Ultra members have completed their transactions ahead of you?
I am a loyal Apple consumer because of their superior hardware / OS X and iOS ecosystem.  MobileMe, iTunes Match, and Apple Music have all been frustrating experiences.  Wish Apple would simply focus on their core offerings and let other specialists take care of the services.
 No.  I wouldn't feed that to my dog.
    I thought it was originally conceived by Almon Brown Strowger in 1892.
Sucks to be on Apple's shit list.
Would you be annoyed if you were still waiting for iPhone 4?
Or even better... the Old Spice ads featuring Bruce Campbelll "if you have it, you don't need it".
Take it easy guys, it's just a wrapper!
You do? That's so shallow!
If it's not Tidal Music Service it's not Tidal Music Service!
New Posts  All Forums: